Apple issues new rules for crypto and NFTs in its App Store – BeinCrypto

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The Apple company it too begins the crypto framework initiatives and inflicts a first turn of the screw on the industry by changing the rules of its App Store. Apple restricts certain uses of crypto With the popularity and increasingly accelerated development of web3 and crypto, large companies such as GAFAM are setting foot in … Read more

US clarifies stance on future EU AI rules, non-paper says

US clarifies stance on future EU AI rules non paper says

The United States is pushing for a narrower definition of artificial intelligence (AI), a broader waiver for general-purpose AI, and individualized risk assessment in the AI ​​regulations (AI Act), according to a document obtained by EURACTIV. The non-paper is dated October 2022 and was sent to specific government officials in selected EU capitals and to … Read more

MEPs propose extending the scope of AI rules to the metaverse

MEPs propose extending the scope of AI rules to the

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Regulation co-rapporteurs have proposed extending the scope of the regulation to metaverse environments that meet certain conditions. The latest amendments also addressed risk management, data governance and documentation of high-risk systems. European Parliament co-rapporteurs Dragoş Tudorache and Brando Benifei circulated two new batches of compromise amendments, consulted by EURACTIV, on Wednesday … Read more

EU court rules on record fine against Google

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The search engine had been fined 4.3 billion euros for abuse of a dominant position in its Android operating system for smartphones. European justice rules on Wednesday, September 14 on the validity of a record fine of 4.3 billion euros imposed by Brussels on Google for having abused the dominant position of its Android operating … Read more

Hunt for fake reviews on the internet: the rules finally tightened

the essential They are part of our daily life, the opinions and other stars which make it possible to evaluate the quality of a restaurant, a mechanic or other bookshop. However, we do not always know who is hiding behind. It is for this reason that the legislation has just been toughened. The story is … Read more

Telegram CEO’s turn to ask Apple to change certain rules (App Store)

iPhone Apps iPad Apps ⏰ 2 hours ago Alexandre Godard React The CEO of Telegram seems upset with Apple’s practices. According to him, certain requirements with regard to other web browsers than Safari, present on iOS, are disproportionate. More clearly, they aim to weaken competition. Here are some explanations. Apple doesn’t just make people happy … Read more

Strengthening cybersecurity: the rules of computer hygiene to follow

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, cyberattacks for espionage purposes, attempts to break into messaging services have targeted Ukrainian and Russian sites. Even if these cyberattacks have a limited impact in France for the moment, the threat remains high, especially for companies with subsidiaries in Ukraine and Russia. The Government recalls a few … Read more

DSA, DMA: how Europe will change the rules of the internet and social networks

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It is done ! After the DMA, Europe voted for the DSAa new part of its policy aimed at regulating the practices of web giants. On the Old Continent, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter will have to comply with very strict new rules. And beware of penalties if they don’t. Fomented by European … Read more