This revolutionary chip uses sound waves instead of electrons

This revolutionary chip uses sound waves instead of electrons

This very interesting proof of concept could make a lot of noise in the small world of quantum computing. Researchers at the prestigious Harvard University have just unveiled a one-of-a-kind computer chip. Unlike traditional circuits, where information travels by means of electric current, this device operates on very different physical bases; the information is indeed … Read more

Erin Smith, inventor of FacePrint, the revolutionary invention to detect Parkinson’s

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The brilliant American inventor has developed a facial recognition application used for the early detection and monitoring of this neurodegenerative disease. Born in 1999 (she will celebrate her 23rd birthday on December 26) in Illinois, Erin Smith grew up in Lenexa, Kansas. In 2019, she joined the benches of the prestigious Stanford University, in the … Read more

The solid and revolutionary batteries that the co-founder of Tesla dubs will soon be produced in France – Frandroid

The solid and revolutionary batteries that the co founder of Tesla

Solid-state batteries should soon become more popular in our electric cars, thanks in particular to many advantages over current lithium-ion batteries. And a company seems to hold the reins in this area, with manufacturing partly made in France. If you follow automotive news diligently, you have probably already heard of ProLogium Technology, a company specializing … Read more

Brain tumour: scientists from Montpellier are developing a revolutionary diagnostic test

Brain tumour scientists from Montpellier are developing a revolutionary diagnostic

Éric Rivals, researcher at LIRMM (Computer science, robotics and microelectronics laboratory in Montpellier), Alexandre David, biologist at the functional genomics institute, and Christophe Hirtz, manager of the clinical proteomics platform at Montpellier University Hospital, use the intelligence to measure the severity of the most common brain tumours, gliomas. The discovery is almost accidental. However, it … Read more

Japan: snow to cool Data Centers? The revolutionary idea of ​​a city of Hokkaido –

Japan snow to cool Data Centers The revolutionary idea of

The city of Bibai in Japan uses snow to cool its Data Center. A natural and economical solution, which could be a good alternative to the use of drinking water or electric air conditioning… The number of Data Centers all around the world continues to grow, in order to support the rise of streaming, artificial … Read more

Ganymed Robotics raises 21 million euros for its revolutionary orthopedic technology

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Posted Jul 7, 2022, 7:30 AM Combining artificial intelligence and mechatronics, the orthopedic surgical assistance technology invented by Ganymed Robotics, which primarily targets the fitting of knee prostheses, is “the only one in the world” allowing practitioners to locate anatomical structures, in this case the bones, in a non-invasive way for patients. How ? Its … Read more

Revolutionary, this optical microphone records the instruments separately

Researchers have developed an optical microphone that uses cameras to record the vibrations of objects. This system makes it possible to isolate the sound of a single instrument in an orchestra, and eliminates any effect of the acoustics of the place. You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] The interstellar sound recorded by Voyager-1 In … Read more

Revolutionary glasses that describe to the visually impaired what they can’t see

Glasses that talk. This revolutionary system was developed by an Israeli company to help visually impaired people. These will describe the environment that surrounds them or even whisper a text that is pointed to. These are somewhat special glasses. Equipped with artificial intelligence, they speak in the ear of visually impaired people to describe the … Read more

PIP International, a visionary Canadian agricultural technology company, launches revolutionary technology

PIP International a visionary Canadian agricultural technology company launches revolutionary

Revolutionary “Ultimate Pea Protein” or “UP.P™” technology unlocks the potential of vegetable proteins LETHBRIDGE, Alta., May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PIP International (PIP), a Canadian processor of plant-based agricultural technology, today announced a game-changing plant-based protein technology breakthrough. Innovative technology has finally cracked the code on pea protein’s poor taste, color, texture and compromised performance, … Read more