Ce que «L’Homme le plus détesté d’internet» nous enseigne sur le «revenge porn»

1662209626 Ce que LHomme le plus deteste dinternet nous enseigne sur

Temps de lecture: 5 min L’Homme le plus détesté d’internet, qui se rappelle à notre mémoire au travers d’une série documentaire de Netflix ainsi nommée, est Hunter Moore. Le criminel condamné, qui se décrivait lui-même comme un «destructeur de vies professionnel», a diffusé de façon non consentie des milliers de photos privées sur son site … Read more

‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’: The Netflix series about the creator of a revenge porn site

The documentary series The Internet’s Most Hated Man, available on Netflix, chronicles the rise and fall of the creator of the revenge porn site IsAnyoneUp.com. A site and a man, Hunter Moore, who ruined the lives of many victims. Le “king of revenge porn”. That’s what he was called Hunter Moore, creator of the porn … Read more

Internet: Baidu, the revenge of the Chinese Google

Internet Baidu the revenge of the Chinese Google

Headquarters of the Baidu company, in Beijing, in April 2021. FLORENCE LO/REUTERS Chronic. Does the little Thumb of Chinese high-tech get his revenge? Alongside the giant Alibaba – which reigns over online commerce –, Tencent, and its messaging and gaming empire, or Xiaomi, the telephone titan, Baidu pales in comparison. Presented as the Chinese Google, … Read more

Revenge porn: the terrible scourge of porn disclosure on the internet

the essential For several years, cyberbullying has continued to claim thousands of victims. Among them, some are the target of “revenge porn”, the dissemination of intimate images without their knowledge. On February 12, 2020, in the morning, a sexual video was massively shared by Internet users. The media machine is racing. Behind this intimate sequence, … Read more