World Cup 2022: thanks to artificial intelligence and 100,000 simulations, researchers have predicted the big winner

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

Put aside your own predictions, forget Paul the octopus and trust theartificial intelligence to predict the winner of the 2022 World Cup. This is what a group of researchers did, and they found a big winner. Credit: jcamilobernal/iStock See also An AI model from the Alan Turing Institute in London has predicted the outcome of … Read more

UC Berkeley researchers optimize neural networks with generative checkpoint models

1668058135 UC Berkeley researchers optimize neural networks with generative checkpoint models

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, propose a data-driven approach to neural network checkpoints to optimize them using generative models trained on these parameters. Their study titled Learning to Learn with Generative Models of Neural Network Checkpoints » was published on arXiv at the end of September. Radient-based optimization is the fuel of modern … Read more

Using machine learning and simple X-ray spectra, researchers can discover compounds that could power next-generation computer chips or quantum devices. – News Physics and Quantum Computing

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

Topological materials, an exotic class of materials whose surfaces exhibit different electrical or functional properties than their interiors, have been a hot area of ​​research since their experimental realization in 2007 – a discovery that sparked new research and precipitated a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2016 These materials are believed to have great potential … Read more

Post-quantum encryption: French researchers recognized in the United States | Engineering Techniques

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Going beyond the limits of traditional processors, quantum computing will be used for specific applications and very complex simulations. But its capabilities also call into question all the security of our exchanges. That’s why researchers around the world are working on solutions that can keep sensitive data private. And in this area, the “Frenchies” provide! … Read more

Montreal researchers will work to reduce the energy consumption of 5G

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

MONTREAL — Telecommunications giant Ericsson is teaming up with three Montreal higher education institutions and Environment and Climate Change Canada to reduce the energy consumption of 5G networks and their environmental impact, using artificial intelligence. Seven professors and twenty researchers from Polytechnique Montréal, the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and Concordia University will take part … Read more

Researchers study correlation between emotions and drug misuse from Twitter

Researchers study correlation between emotions and drug misuse from Twitter

Globally, the number of people using prescription drugs for reasons other than what they were prescribed, sometimes combining them with other substances such as alcohol to sleep better or stimulants to perform better, has significantly increased. A team of computer scientists and emergency physicians from the American universities of Emory, Oregon and Pennsylvania used AI … Read more

the pessimism of researchers in artificial intelligence

the pessimism of researchers in artificial intelligence

More than a third of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers are not of an optimistic nature: they said they believe AI could cause a global catastrophe on the scale of nuclear war. This answer comes from a survey (A sounding can designate a technique of local exploration of a particular environment. A…) conducted in May and … Read more

The pessimism of AI researchers

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

This response comes from a survey conducted in May and June of this year among 327 of these researchers, chosen from among those who have co-authored one or more studies on automatic language processing in recent years (natural language processing), an area that has been the theater notable progress. The expression “of the same magnitude … Read more

Researchers Say Development of Artificial Intelligence Leads to ‘Probable Catastrophe’ for Humanity

Researchers Say Development of Artificial Intelligence Leads to Probable Catastrophe

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Are artificial intelligences (AI) leading us to our downfall? “Probably”, according to researchers who have looked into the question. If this announcement with hints of catastrophism runs regularly on social networks, the arguments put forward by scientists have something to arouse interest. Scientists from … Read more

Researchers Say AI Will ‘Likely’ Destroy Humanity

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

Some AI-based systems could start “cheating”, with very concrete consequences for humanity. As impressive as they are, many observers like Elon Musk agree that the technologies associated with artificial intelligence also entail considerable risks that must be anticipated today. This is also the conclusion of a chilling new research paper whose authors believe that this … Read more