Chinese researchers claim to have developed an AI capable of “reading minds”

Tim Cook gives some clues about an Apple VR headset

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Would it be possible to monitor the thoughts of individuals? This is, in essence, what Chinese scientists have said. They explain in a report published on July 1 that they have developed a artificial intelligence capable of detecting certain “thoughts”. In particular, they underlined … Read more

AI researchers call for more hindsight

AI researchers call for more hindsight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a complex field in which many technology companies place their hopes. If technical progress is more and more impressive, researchers are calling on companies to lower their expectations in order to be more fair and ethical. This is what the Wall Street Journal raises in an investigation published on June 29. … Read more

Montana Bio Station Researchers Discuss Mine Risks to Salmon Rivers

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Recently, a group of 23 science and policy experts from the United States and Canada released a review of mining risks for watersheds from Montana to British Columbia and Alaska. The paper in the newspaper Scientists progress brought together experts in salmon ecology, watershed science, mining impacts and mining policy to integrate knowledge across research … Read more

Researchers Discover ‘Hermit’ Android Spyware Used In Kazakhstan, Syria And Italy

Researchers Discover Hermit Android Spyware Used In Kazakhstan Syria And

An enterprise-grade monitoring software called Hermit has been used by entities operating from Kazakhstan, Syria and Italy over the years since 2019, new research has revealed. Lookout attributed the spyware, which is equipped to target both Android and iOS, to an Italian company named RCS Lab SpA and Tykelab Srl, a telecommunications service provider it … Read more

Working in a metaverse really sucks, confirm researchers Computerworld

Working in a metaverse really sucks confirm researchers Computerworld

A team of researchers subjected guinea pigs to a 40-hour workweek in VR (using an Oculus headset) with terrible, but expected, results. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, intends to impose his metaverse, a web environment that allows most people to interact both with content and with other people in virtual reality. He believes in … Read more

Researchers create ‘time machine’ simulations studying the life cycle of ‘cities’ in the ancestor galaxy

For the first time, researchers have created simulations that directly recreate the full life cycle of some of the largest collections of galaxies observed in the distant universe 11 billion years ago, a new study reports. natural astronomy. Cosmological simulations are crucial for studying how the universe got into the shape it is today, but … Read more

Researchers from Meta AI and the University of Twente have developed MyoSuite, an AI platform that unifies neural and motor intelligence

On May 23, Mark Zuckerberg announced that researchers from Meta’s AI Research Lab and the Neuromechanical Modeling and Engineering Lab at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, led by Professor Massimo Sartori, had collaborated the development of an open source framework called “MyoSuite”, which combines advanced musculoskeletal models with advanced AI. MyoSuite’s AI-powered digital … Read more

Researchers find that people overestimate the presence of minorities around them, hampering efforts to build a more equitable and inclusive society – Psychology and Psychiatry News

Attempts to build a more equitable and inclusive society have taken a step forward with the discovery of an “illusion of diversity” by a team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). Their results clearly show that in a social context, most people greatly overestimate the presence of a minority – and this … Read more

Researchers teleport quantum information onto a rudimentary quantum network – News Physics and Quantum Computing

Delft researchers have successfully teleported quantum information through a rudimentary network. This first of its kind is an important step towards a future quantum Internet. This breakthrough was made possible by greatly improved quantum memory and better quality of quantum links between the three network nodes. The researchers, working at QuTech – a collaboration between … Read more

NVidia researchers are working on the very thin augmented reality glasses

Towards thinner virtual reality glasses? A team of researchers from NVIDIA Research and Stanford University has released a new paper showcasing a pair of ultra-thin virtual reality glasses. The screens can display true dynamic 3D content, solving the problem of vergence and accommodation. Although the research prototypes demonstrating the principles are much smaller in terms … Read more