Preligens accelerates its recruitments in Rennes

Preligens accelerates its recruitments in Rennes

Preligens is one of the best military reconnaissance software. The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has just awarded the French start-up a framework contract for a maximum amount of 240 million euros, over seven years, for joint intelligence and for the three French forces. . And its technology, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, has … Read more

Rennes – Ma soirée déjantée avec une intelligence artificielle à Rennes

Rennes Ma soiree dejantee avec une intelligence artificielle a

« Rennes est un mélange de Paris et de Londres, plein de colporteurs et d’artistes de rue qui soulèvent des haltères. Un groupe d’hommes se tient au milieu de la rue. L’un d’eux dit : “Tu veux jouer ? On se bagarre sans raison puis on va se saouler au bar !” » Si ces lignes n’ont aucun sens, … Read more

Rennes – In Cesson-Sévigné, Orange wants to develop the audiovisual immersion of tomorrow

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

It looks like technology straight out of a science fiction movie. A woman, placed in the center of a circle surrounded by 33 cameras, then sees herself and the environment around her reproduced in a single three-dimensional image. More commonly called “volumetric video” and operating via a “neural network” system coupled with artificial intelligence, this … Read more

Mercato Rennes: Looking for a central defender?

Mercato Rennes Looking for a central defender

By Yanis Soul Published on 05/31/2022 at 3:36 p.m. 2 minute read After a more than convincing season and a guaranteed place in the Europa League, Stade Rennais now wants to strengthen for next season. © Stade Rennais Official Account What about arrivals? It is true that after the beautiful season of the Rouge et … Read more

Legislative in Rennes. Florian Bachelier, candidate for the presidential majority in the 8th

Early Macronist, elected MP in 2017, Florian Bachelier is seeking a second term, in the legislative elections, in the eighth constituency ofIlle-et-Vilainewhich brings together districts to the west of Rennes and the municipalities of the canton of Rheu (Chavagne, Cintré, L’Hermitage, Mordelles, Le Rheu, Vezin-le-Coquet, Saint-Gilles and Saint-Jacques-de-la- Moor). Who is he ? Lawyer, 43 … Read more