Game releases: 5 remarkable new releases, including the first acclaimed by gamers and critics

These incredible connected objects seen at CES will mark 2023

As with new films, the majority of which are released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games generally appear on the App Store on Thursdays. It is therefore like every week, on this day, that we offer you a selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games. In the lot, there are surely some … Read more

Autumn DIY with tree leaves – easy ideas for young and old with remarkable results!

Autumn DIY with tree leaves easy ideas for young

It’s the last day of September and it already feels like autumn is back once again. And despite the nostalgia for the past summer, we enjoy the many gems that this generous season offers us year after year. Fragrant quinces and pears as sweet as honey, all kinds of squash to include in various sweet … Read more

A new study has identified an important molecular analogy that could explain the remarkable intelligence of these invertebrates – Psychology and Psychiatry News

The octopus is an exceptional organism with an extremely complex brain and unique cognitive abilities among invertebrates. So much so that in some ways it has more in common with vertebrates than with invertebrates. The neural and cognitive complexity of these animals could come from a molecular analogy with the human brain, as discovered in … Read more