Germany: T-Systems partners with Envision Digital to reduce carbon emissions

On August 4, Deutsche Telekom, one of the world leaders in integrated telecommunications, announced that its subsidiary T-Systems will join forces with the Chinese company Envision Digital, one of the world’s leading providers of AIoT software for Net Zero solutions, to enable German retailers to reduce their CO2 emissions. Under the partnership, Deutsche Telekom’s enterprise … Read more

Topdanmark deploys Guidewire to reduce IT complexity and optimize omnichannel customer engagement

LONDON, June 27, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Guidewire (NYSE: GWRE) today announced that Topdanmark, Denmark’s second largest insurance company, has implemented Guidewire to reduce the complexity of its IT architecture and focus on developing a robust platform with streamlined systems. The implementation will allow Topdanmark to more effectively engage with customers across multiple channels, digitize its policy and … Read more

How to reduce gender bias with word choice – Psychology and Psychiatry News

In the workplace, even subtle differences in language choice can influence gender perception, for better or for worse. These choices fall into two main categories: minimizing the role of gender by using gender-neutral terms or emphasizing an individual’s gender through ‘gender marking’. In a newspaper comment Trends in cognitive sciencebehavioral scientist Stav Atir says that … Read more

Wintics: artificial intelligence to reduce the carbon impact of transport

Wintics artificial intelligence to reduce the carbon impact of transport

While all countries and companies are accelerating their digital transition, perceived as a source of progress and development, many experts are wondering about its cost to the environment. According to the results of a study commissioned by the Senate Committee in 2020 on the carbon footprint of digital technology in France, digital technology is a … Read more

Should you cut off your internet box to really reduce your energy costs?

Should you cut off your internet box to really reduce

We have calculated the average consumption of internet boxes and what it costs us per year to answer a very simple question: does an internet box consume as much as a small fridge? We also took the opportunity to ask ourselves the question of the relevance of such an individual action. Livebox 5 // Source: … Read more

How to detect and reduce biases for responsible AI – EconomieMatin

Humans may have biases, but that doesn’t mean AI has to. Algorithms learn to behave primarily based on the type of data provided to them. If these contain underlying biases, the AI ​​model will learn to act accordingly. If companies don’t make sure their models are as fair as possible, they can let bias creep … Read more