Artificial intelligence to recruit better… really?

Artificial intelligence to recruit better… really

Tools integrating algorithms mobilizing theartificial intelligence (IA) have gradually gained all stages of the process of recruitment. Already in 2018, 64% of the 9,000 recruiters interviewed in a study online said they used them sometimes or often in the course of their business. 76% thought this technology would have a significant impact on it. A … Read more

In Château-Gontier, the hospital wants to recruit but struggles to find candidates

In Chateau Gontier the hospital wants to recruit but struggles to

By Thomas Gourlin Published on 3 Jan 23 at 9:18 Upper Anjou See my news Follow this media In December 2022, the Haut-Anjou hospital center in Château-Gontier (Mayenne) was forced to reduce the number of beds to allow nursing staff to take vacations (archives). (©Haut Anjou) As in most hospitals, the situation is complicated at … Read more

Israeli start-up helps companies, including Nike, recruit minorities

Israeli start up helps companies including Nike recruit minorities

Joonko, a start-up founded in Israel, hopes to help diversify the workplace by providing companies with recruiting technology that leads to the long-awaited balance between gender and cultural and ethnic influences. “We provide opportunities for underrepresented people, women, people of color, veterans,” said Albrey Brown, who recently joined the company as general manager and vice … Read more

“Ile-de-France Mobilités will recruit 1,000 security officers”

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Valerie Pécresse wants to put the package on safety in public transport Ile-de-France. In an interview with 20 minutesthe president of Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) explains the various measures she intends to put in place, in particular the recruitment of a thousand security agents, and the requests she is making to the government. Why would you … Read more

French engineering struggles to recruit its IT skills Computerworld

French engineering struggles to recruit its IT skills Computerworld

In its annual national survey on the socio-professional integration of engineers, the Society of Engineers and Scientists of France (IESF) notes a rebound in recruitment in the software and IT services professions. However, the scarcity of certain expert profiles complicates hiring, as do the high salary expectations of cybersecurity specialists and AI professionals. The Society … Read more

The IT professions that recruit the most

INFOGRAPHICS. According to a survey by the Grande Ecole du Numérique, 15 IT professions are currently highly sought after by employers. Discover these buoyant and promising professions, some of which announce very attractive salaries. The developer king of oil? In a study published at the beginning of the year by the Grande Ecole du Numérique … Read more

Catering is struggling to recruit: “Assisted French people who prefer to stay on their sofa with crisps”

While hundreds of thousands of seasonal jobs are not filled, lawyer Sarah Saldmann got carried away on the set of RMC, this Monday, May 16. Looking for servers. While a good number of people are unemployed, one sector is particularly in search of labour, catering. Indeed, with the coming summer, seasonal job offers continue to … Read more

100 professions of the future that recruit in IT, digital, data and cybersecurity

BUSINESSES OF THE FUTURE. We have identified around a hundred professions where employers are experiencing recruitment difficulties. Discover the professions that recruit in the IT, digital and data sectors. IT is particularly promising if you are looking for training or a job for the future. IT, digital, data, cybersecurity, are sectors driven by innovation. They … Read more