Environmental footprint of audio: At Meta, an AI-assisted codec hits new compression records

Ford and Volkswagen disconnect Argo AI the autonomous vehicle start

© Royalty free / Artur Debat If the digital sector is not the most polluting or the most generator of greenhouse gases, the impact it has on natural ecosystems and global warming continues to grow, which makes it an area of attention, especially since it interferes everywhere in our daily lives. Therefore, any new technology … Read more

Revolutionary, this optical microphone records the instruments separately

Researchers have developed an optical microphone that uses cameras to record the vibrations of objects. This system makes it possible to isolate the sound of a single instrument in an orchestra, and eliminates any effect of the acoustics of the place. You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] The interstellar sound recorded by Voyager-1 In … Read more

How T-Mobile is breaking 5G speed records in the United States and why our smartphones are not ready to take advantage of it

The American operator has reached 3 Gbit/s of speed on its commercial network by aggregating several 5G frequency bands. We explain to you why the conditions are not met in France to obtain the same performance. T-Mobile announces this week that it has reached a peak of 3 Gbps of download speed on its network … Read more