Agrizone launches its mobile spare parts recognition application

Agrizone launches its mobile spare parts recognition application

After the application that gives the title of the song on the radio, after the application that identifies plants in the fields, here is the application that recognizes spare parts in agricultural machinery! Review of this innovation at your fingertips! Two and a half years of work were necessary for the company Agrizone to launch … Read more

Laserfiche integrates handwriting recognition into its artificial intelligence data capture services

Laserfiche integrates handwriting recognition into its artificial intelligence data capture

Laserfiche’s AI capability enhancement also includes full-text search for audio and video files LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–laserfiche, the leading SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, today launches an expansion of its intelligent data handwriting recognition for Laserfiche Cloud. This innovative feature allows organizations to extract handwritten text from semi-structured documents, to … Read more

Wearing the veil: Iran would consider facial recognition to further punish women

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The Iranian authorities are considering a new way to further control the wearing of the veil by women in public spaces: facial recognition applied to CCTV cameras. The project is controversial and seems technically and legally impossible. Iran is considering pushing the enslavement of women one step further. Several Iranian media have relayed a particularly … Read more

Research on facial emotion expression recognition could change our understanding of autism Psychology and Psychiatry News

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

There is a common perception that people with autism cannot recognize the emotions of others and have little idea how effectively they do so. But autistic adults are only slightly less accurate at reading people’s facial emotions compared to their non-autistic peers, new research from Australia has found. Recent research published in two articles in … Read more

War in Ukraine: dead Russian soldiers identified on social networks via facial recognition

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the essential For months, Ukraine has been trying to inform the Russian populations about the reality of the war in their country. Today, the forces in place sometimes use facial recognition via the ClearviewAI software to achieve their ends. “We use artificial intelligence to search for accounts of dead Russian soldiers on social networks”. Thus … Read more

Voice recognition and the world language challenge

Voice recognition and the world language challenge

A voice-recognition startup just secured $62 million in Series B funding. How will that money be used? In a quest to make a computer understand all the voices in the world. If that doesn’t sound hugely ambitious, you haven’t spent enough time trying to get Siri to compose a text message. Speech recognition has been … Read more

Microsoft will restrict its facial recognition software for ethical issues

Microsoft will restrict its facial recognition software for ethical issues

Tay. It was the name of a chatbot put by Microsoft on Twitter in 2016. It is known to have become racist in record time. Since then, the company has been striving to develop responsible AI. It is in this context that it announced on June 21 to withdraw certain functionalities from its facial recognition … Read more

Facial recognition is installed, to simplify and monitor – Challenges

Facial recognition is installed to simplify and monitor Challenges

Smile, you pay. MasterCard announced last week that it had entered the test phase for its new “Smile and Pay” product, which makes it possible to pay using facial recognition. Around the world, facial recognition is gaining ground. Fascinating but intrusive technology, its use is advancing faster than the legislation that accompanies it. Whether it … Read more

“We must clarify the debate on facial recognition”

We must clarify the debate on facial recognition

In November 2019, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties called for facial recognition ” a debate at the height of the stakes “. In April 2021, while Politico unveiled a draft European regulation on artificial intelligencethe debates resumed with a vengeance, 51 associations for the safeguard of individual rights calling for a ban on … Read more

Stade de France: Christian Estrosi calls for facial recognition and describes the CNIL as a “dusty institution”

The mayor of Nice regrets not being able to entrust part of the responsibility for maintaining order to an artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence will fully play its role and will be much more effective than doubling by three or quadrupling the forces of the Interior”. This May 31 in the morning, the mayor of Nice … Read more