Black Friday: incredible offers for your mobile plans and your smartphones, be ready!

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That’s it, Black Friday is back for a new 2022 season eagerly awaited by both customers looking for promotions and brands wishing to mark the occasion before the Christmas period. There will also be many offers in the mobile telephony sector on Friday 25 November. Cheap smartphones, special packages, a long list of events and … Read more

JLT’s VERSO™ series has been certified “Navis Ready” for the new version of the terminal operational management system, Navis N4

JLTs VERSO series has been certified Navis Ready for the

Picture: JLT VERSO Series Navis ready revalidation Available in several screen sizes and equipped with Intel® Core™ i3 or i7 processors, Navis Ready JLT VERSO computers are certified for their reliability and ease of operation for the most demanding port applications. Image available: Legend : Davailable in multiple screen sizes and powered by Intel® … Read more

Xbox Store on mobile: Microsoft ready to challenge the Play Store and the App Store

Xbox Store on mobile Microsoft ready to challenge the Play

Microsoft is preparing an Xbox store to access mobile games. It would come to compete with the App Store and the Play Store on iOS and Android, but the course will be strewn with pitfalls. Documents sent by Microsoft in connection with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard reveal that the Redmond giant is working on … Read more

All that was missing was the “Marianne” of entrepreneurship at Cité 89: the mobile office of AJ Services 89 ready to chart its course!

The mini bus bearing the stamp of the Auxerre company, AJ Services 89, did not go unnoticed! Parked in one of the alleys a little set back from the nerve center of the “Cité 89” event, it will nevertheless have received a good number of visitors, elected officials, challenged by the innovative approach of this … Read more

Torchlight Infinite: Ready to crush Diablo Immortal? The action game launches its open beta on PC and mobile!

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Game News Torchlight Infinite: Ready to crush Diablo Immortal? The action game launches its open beta on PC and mobile! Published on 13/10/2022 at 18:35 As you know, hack’n’slash (top-down action/loot game) is a genre that lends itself quite well to mobile and free-to-play. In the genre, we obviously think of Diablo Immortal but another … Read more

Be ready for the next generation of AI

Unfortunately IT can no longer trust geolocation for most things

Does anyone else have vertigo? While the AI ​​community had only just gotten a feel for the staggering progress of text-to-image systems, we’re already on the next step: text-to-video systems. Indeed, last week Meta unveiled “Make-a-Video”, an AI that generates five-second video clips from simple text instructions. READ ALSO Meta’s new AI can generate videos … Read more

Without an internet connection for more than a month near Dinan, users ready to ‘freak out’

Without an internet connection for more than a month near

By Agnes Esteves-Dasilva Published on 2 Oct 22 at 19:22 The Little Blue See my news Follow this media In Pleslin Trigavou, the telephone cable may have been cut after the destruction of a nearby building, but why has it still not been repaired, more than a month later, depriving dozens of users? of internet? … Read more

Ready Player One: A Prophetic User’s Guide to the Metaverse

Ready Player One A Prophetic Users Guide to the Metaverse

Metavers. Some see it as the future of the Internet, or even the future of all of us. Like the boss of the fire Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg who, last October, announced with fanfare to make it the new hobbyhorse of his company, renamed “Meta”, precisely. But what is it really about? Forget the laborious investigations … Read more

Be ready for Li-Fi, this technology 100 times faster than traditional Wi-Fi

Be ready for Li Fi this technology 100 times faster than

—TierneyMJ / The internet has only been a part of our lives for about 60 years, but it is already an essential part of many people’s daily lives. For this reason, professionals in this field have been constantly improving the way we access it, and one of the latest advances in this field is … Read more