HTC marks its return with a smartphone ready for the metaverse

News hardware HTC marks its return with a smartphone ready for the metaverse Published on 06/19/2022 at 18:20 The brand known for its central role in virtual reality, notably through its VR Vive headsets, has decided to push the adoption of the metaverse a little further. For its return, HTC has focused on the virtual … Read more

How T-Mobile is breaking 5G speed records in the United States and why our smartphones are not ready to take advantage of it

The American operator has reached 3 Gbit/s of speed on its commercial network by aggregating several 5G frequency bands. We explain to you why the conditions are not met in France to obtain the same performance. T-Mobile announces this week that it has reached a peak of 3 Gbps of download speed on its network … Read more

Meta: its Apple Watch competitor is still not ready

Virtual and augmented reality Metas next headset will cost a

Rumors have been circulating for a while about a connected watch that would be developed by Meta. But unfortunately, according to a recent article published by Bloomberg, this competitor of theAppleWatch won’t be out for a long time. Indeed, according to the American media, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has decided to end the development of its … Read more

The founder of Pebble watches ready to create his own Android smartphone

The founder of Pebble watches ready to create his own scaled

The current panorama of the smartphone market no longer offers many alternatives for people who would like to keep a “reduced” screen format. And it is this precise problem that the co-founder of the Pebble, Eric Migicovsky, wishes to highlight. Eric Migicovsky with the Pebble Time Round A certain category of smartphone has been neglected … Read more

Apple’s virtual reality headset is ready

Apples virtual reality headset is ready

According to Bloomberg, Apple presented a very advanced prototype of its future VR/AR headset to its board of directors. Usually when Apple does that, the product is about to be announced. What do Arthur Levinson (Calico), James Bell (Boeing) and former US Vice President Al Gore have in common? According to a Bloomberg article published … Read more

Take part in the “Ready Developer One” Hackathon, develop a game in Laval and leave with a Hololens 2

A hackathon: what is it? We talk to you about hackathon, but what is it exactly? A hackathon is the mixture of two words: hackers and marathon. First, we have the Hackers. First, we have the Hackers. They are hackers as we like to call them. Indeed, when we talk about hackers, it’s rarely with … Read more