Thomson Thermo D2 electronic thermometer test: a colorful fever reading

Braun PRT 2000 review a classic electronic thermometer suitable for

Design and ergonomics A family thermometer All in curves, the Thomson Thermo D2 dares a little color to move away from the rather cold aspect of most medical devices which are often satisfied with shades of white and gray. This reminds us, however, that it is not a professional model, but rather a family one, … Read more

The bill on renewable energies adopted by the National Assembly in first reading

The bill on renewable energies adopted by the National Assembly

Point of order and adjournment after technical problems during the vote on the bill on renewable energies, January 10, 2023. JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD” The National Assembly adopted in first reading, Tuesday January 10 at the end of the day, the bill relating to the acceleration of the production of renewable energies. The text … Read more

AI, audiobook and reading: some thoughts on the future

Les Francais qui achetent sur internet de plus en plus

In November, NBE editions published the first “ meta-book», available in bookstores. In parallel with the paper version, a collection of NFTs has been designed by the Artificial Intelligence of the startup Selas AI. Each reveals a snippet of the work, or the meeting of publishing with Web 4.0. Two years ago, Google Play Books … Read more

Good resolutions: how to activate reading mode on Android?

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

Reading articles without any distraction on your Android smartphone is the new genius idea from Google to keep its users focused. After the focus-mode, which allowed you to cut notifications from the most distracting applications, Google has just added a new string to its bow of productivity: the reading mode. Intended to be implemented natively … Read more

Chinese researchers claim to have developed an AI capable of “reading minds”

Tim Cook gives some clues about an Apple VR headset

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Would it be possible to monitor the thoughts of individuals? This is, in essence, what Chinese scientists have said. They explain in a report published on July 1 that they have developed a artificial intelligence capable of detecting certain “thoughts”. In particular, they underlined … Read more