Pedocrime: the worrying rise in orders for the rape of children live on the Internet

French investigators are increasingly interested in live-streaming rape orders placed by French pedophile criminals, whose number of cases has increased over the past three years. In three years, the number of files processed by the police concerning orders for child criminal videos has increased from 6 to 27, and the authorities fear that the increase … Read more

Why does the first rape in the metaverse raise questions?

Why does the first rape in the metaverse raise questions

The first metaverse rape raises many questions, both ethical and legal. This week, the organization SumOfUs revealed that one of its researchers had been virtually raped in the metaverse from Meta Horizon Worlds. Supporting videothe NGO whose goal is to prevent “big companies to behave irresponsibly” revealed how the young woman had, less than an … Read more

The new minister Damien Abad accused of rape, Kylian MBappé extends to PSG and Mariupol falls under Russian control, the news this weekend

News Barely appointed minister, Abad accused of rape. In an investigation published this Saturday, Mediapart reveals that the ex-boss of right-wing deputies was appointed to the government despite a report for alleged acts of rape addressed to LREM and LR by the Observatory of sexist and sexual violence in politics. However, the court claims to … Read more