“The race without Europe for artificial intelligence”. By Cyrille Lachevre

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

Could artificial intelligence help us fight global warming more effectively? In a study published in early July, the Boston consulting group (BCG) details how AI is becoming an essential tool in the strategy of companies and public institutions to reduce their carbon emissions. In the midst of a heat wave, this theme obviously did not … Read more

Tour de France: where, when and how to follow the race on television and on the internet?

Tour de France where when and how to follow the

La Grande Boucle, which begins this Friday, July 1, will receive significant coverage on television. the Tour de France is a great sporting and popular festival. The 109th edition of the competition, which will start this Friday July 1 from Copenhagen in Denmark, should be no exception to the rule. Even if popular and expected … Read more

With 60 GB for €10.99/month, Sosh is back in the race for the best mobile plans

With 60 GB for E1099month Sosh is back in the

Sosh is once again relaunching its limited series on its mobile plans, with, among other things, a non-binding offer of 60 GB for only 10.99 euros per month. Sosh takes a much different trajectory from the competition in the race for the best mobile plan without commitment. However, the operator hasn’t hesitated to pull some … Read more

Speed ​​race to take a position on the space internet – Sciences et Avenir

Speed ​​race to take a position on the space internet

Satellite internet, already a commercial reality, will see competition intensify with the planned deployment of thousands of low-Earth orbiting craft, meant to bring broadband around the world without the cumbersome infrastructure on the ground. Amazon took a decisive step on Tuesday in the deployment of its Kuiper constellation, with a budget of more than 10 … Read more