Six questions about FR-Alert, the emergency alert system coming to our smartphones

Six questions about FR Alert the emergency alert system coming to

CITY OF MARTIGUES In the event of a flood, attack or epidemic, our mobiles will now be able to display a security alert issued by FR-Alert, a public system officially operational since Monday, June 21. This is the second time that the State has attempted to build such a system for mobiles: the previous one … Read more

Des scientifiques de Clermont-Ferrand répondent à vos questions sur l’informatique quantique

Des scientifiques de Clermont Ferrand repondent a vos questions sur linformatique

Trois maîtres de conférence de Clermont-Ferrand ont écrit un ouvrage pour rendre accessible l’informatique quantique à toute personne ayant des bases scientifiques. Comment ça marche ? Quelle application concrète en fait-on ? Ils répondent à toutes nos questions. De plus en plus, l’informatique quantique fait parler d’elle. De nombreuses entreprises s’y intéressent. Trois spécialistes de … Read more

Web3, blockchain, virtual reality… Five questions to find your way around

Since October 28, 2021 and renaming facebook to meta, the metaverse is on everyone’s lips. A concept with still porous borders, it is one of the elements of the ongoing technological and economic revolution. What is the metaverse? The metaverse (from English “metaverse”) is a term that first appeared in the writings of American author … Read more

Why does the first rape in the metaverse raise questions?

Why does the first rape in the metaverse raise questions

The first metaverse rape raises many questions, both ethical and legal. This week, the organization SumOfUs revealed that one of its researchers had been virtually raped in the metaverse from Meta Horizon Worlds. Supporting videothe NGO whose goal is to prevent “big companies to behave irresponsibly” revealed how the young woman had, less than an … Read more

Legislative 2022 (June 12-19) in the Pyrénées-Orientales: this wacky candidate from the 4th district who questions

Registered provisionally by the prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales on Friday May 20 before the Ministry of the Interior decides on its legality on Monday May 23, the candidacy of Edwige Vincent de Bourbon Pahlavi on the 4th district of Pyrénées-Orientales appears more intriguing, especially since this 65-year-old woman has been convicted on several occasions for abuse … Read more