The first quantum circuit lays the foundation for a computing revolution

The first quantum circuit lays the foundation for a computing

This first atomic-scale quantum integrated circuit represents an important step in the development of quantum computing useful in real conditions. Australian researchers have just announced the creation of what they describe as the “first quantum integrated circuit fabricated on the atomic scalee”; they affirm indeed to have succeeded in fitting all the elements necessary to … Read more

Wells Fargo prepares for the quantum leap Computerworld

The financial institution explores the potential contributions of quantum computing and validates use cases in view of the upheaval to come. As Wells Fargo CIO Chintan Mehta says, “We can’t miss the possibilities of quantum.” It was in 2019 that Wells Fargo discovered the potential of quantum computing. At the time, the financial services company … Read more

AI, cybersecurity and quantum, new themes of the EDF-INRIA partnership which aims to accelerate the energy transition

The EDF group and INRIA, the national research institute for digital sciences and technologies, signed an agreement in 2016 which led them to collaborate on around thirty projects. It is on the occasion of the Salon VivaTech 2022 that they announced their intention to strengthen their scientific and technological partnership. While certain themes such as … Read more

OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

Quandela, a French company specializing in quantum computing, has announcement on June 14 the signing of a partnership with OVHcloud. The objective of this collaboration is to host the Perceval software suite, developed by Quandela, to enable manufacturers, developers and more broadly the scientific community to exploit all the benefits of quantum computing. The start-up … Read more

OVHcloud and Atos expand their partnership to accelerate the development of quantum computing

Atos and OVHcloud, European cloud leader, announced in November 2021 that they wanted to expand their partnership. It’s done since on June 9, the two companies revealed that they had entered into a partnership in the field of quantum computing: the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) will be available “as a service” in the Cloud … Read more

Physicists have developed a new paradigm for quantum microscopy – News Physics and Quantum Computing

Physicists at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) have designed a framework that allows scientists to observe interactions between light and electrons using a traditional scanning electron microscope. The procedure is considerably cheaper than the technology used so far and also allows for a wider range of experiments. The researchers published their findings in the journal Physical examination … Read more

The quantum memristor, the missing link linking artificial intelligence and quantum computing?

The potential of artificial intelligence to help overcome the challenges we face is certain, but the limitation of the computing capacities of conventional computers is an obstacle to solving certain problems. Quantum combined with AI may well be the solution. To demonstrate this, physicists from the University of Vienna, the National Research Council (CNR) and … Read more

Demonstration of the basic elements of fault-tolerant quantum computing – News Physics and Quantum Computing

For quantum computers to be useful in practice, errors must be detected and corrected. At the University of Innsbruck, Austria, a team of experimental physicists have implemented a universal set of computational operations on fault-tolerant quantum bits for the first time, demonstrating how an algorithm can be programmed on a computer quantum so that errors … Read more

OVH founder invests in digital twins of drugs tested using quantum

OVH founder invests in digital twins of drugs tested using

Qubit Pharmaceuticals, a Franco-American deeptech startup born in 2020which specializes in simulation and molecular modeling using quantum physics, announces the completion of a funding round for an amount of 16.1 million euros. A total of 23 million euros raised since the launch The investors are the funds XAnge, Omnes, Quantonation and Octave Klaba, famous founder … Read more