Purchasing power: your old electronic devices can bring you an incredible fortune!

The electronic label a must have in the face of the

While the purchasing power of the French seems to be decreasing more and more for lack of inflation, there is something that might help you. Indeed, it turns out that some of your old devices could well bail out your bank accounts. We’ll explaine everything here. Gold in your bottom drawer Whether on purpose or … Read more

Purchasing power: one in two French people uses a price comparison tool on the internet or on an application

“The French are very attentive to the price and the promotions“Since the war in Ukraine and the decline in purchasing power, assures Franck Lehuédé, of the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc). According to INSEE, theprice increase food products stood at 4.3% year on year last month. In total, 56% … Read more

“To fight against waste and help purchasing power, we focus on the organization of daily meals” (Popotte Duck)

“A family of four throws on average the equivalent of one meal per week, i.e. one minimum wage in the trash.” It was on the basis of this observation that Alexia Desporte Richard had the idea of ​​creating Popotte Duck, with Romain Amate. Popotte Duck is a free application that helps to optimize shopping and … Read more

Save money by paying in cash… Advice from a Rouennaise for your purchasing power

Faced with inflation at +4.8% in April 2022, the explosion in the price of fuel and food, purchasing power has become the main concern of the French. Mother of two children, Angélique Daly has returned to the good old method of money envelopes. Its principle: pay everything in cash “because you don’t spend the same … Read more