Words prove their value as educational tools for robots – Artificial intelligence and robotics news

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Exploring a new way to teach robots, Princeton researchers found that human-language descriptions of tools can speed up learning of a simulated robotic arm lift and the use of a variety of tools. . The findings build on evidence that providing richer information during artificial intelligence (AI) training can make autonomous robots more adaptable to … Read more

How to prove the validity of the electronic signature?

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The electronic signature is most often approached through the prism of the “signatory path” and “signature levels” (simple, advanced, qualified), but the question of the validity of the electronic signature is only very rarely addressed. And yet it is a major subject. How to know if the signature of a contract is opposable, for example? … Read more

This Scientist Will Prove The World Is A Simulation, And Here’s How

This AI discovery confirms that humans are just robots

Researcher Melvin Vopson from the University of Portsmouth wants to prove that our world is a computer simulation. Discover the experiment he wants to conduct to prove this theory… Centuries pass, science advances, but humanity remains unable to explain the mysteries of the universe. In theory, the conditions required for planets and life to develop … Read more

Matrix: this scientist wants to prove that our universe is in a simulation

Matrix this scientist wants to prove that our universe is

As many scientists attempt to unravel the countless secrets of our universe and its still mysterious functioning, some believe that it is possible that our universe is in reality a simulationand that we all live inside a computer program. A theory which will be taken over by the Wachowskis with the saga Matrix, the films … Read more

Did you switch from an Android to an iPhone? The numbers prove you’re not alone

Did you switch from an Android to an iPhone The

News hardware Did you switch from an Android to an iPhone? The numbers prove you’re not alone Published on 08/01/2022 at 19:05 Between component shortages, economic crisis and a market that is seriously beginning to saturate, the war between Apple and Android continues. For many months, one of the two has clearly stood out. More … Read more

Saint Nazaire. Bikers have heart and they prove it | Ocean Press

Twenty years of solidarity to change the view of disability and there is a need for it​, underlines Éliane Vallée, referent in Saint-Nazaire of the Loire-Atlantique delegation of the APF France Handicap. Like fundraising elsewhere! The money is used to finance summer outings for people with disabilities who do not go on vacation, virtual reality … Read more