How to protect yourself from phone fraud (toll fraud) on Android

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Toll fraud malware can wreak serious havoc on your budget by signing up for paid services through your carrier. Here’s how to spot them and prevent them. Old Android smartphones pose security risks, it is well known, but a study of the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team shows precisely how vulnerable these devices are to … Read more

TikTok: here is the plan to better protect user data in the United States

4 days ago, we learned that TikTok was in the hot seat in the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) asked Apple and Google to delete the app from their respective store, something that the two Californian giants have not yet done. However, this request made the entertainment app react since ByteDance (the parent … Read more

Avira: protect your computer and your digital life with this 100% free solution

With a number of transactions on the internet and the storage of files on our computers, malicious people can come and inject viruses that will potentially seize your data. It’s time to protect yourself with an antivirus such as Avira Free Security’s 100% free plan. We are more and more people to integrate data on … Read more

Tech companies urged to better protect women online

A study by Ofcom, the British telecommunications regulator, reveals that women feel less safe online than men. Tech companies aren’t doing enough to keep women safe on the internet. That’s what it says Ofcom, the telecommunications regulatory authority in the United Kingdom. Having conducted a study on online life in the country, she indicates that … Read more

Need to protect your data on the Internet? Here are 3 perfect VPN offers

In recent years, there has been a rise in online surveillance and digital censorship. Today, we offer you a solution to protect yourself against this: a VPN. This is ideal for protecting your personal information and your anonymity. This is because a VPN hides your real IP address and your online activities. There is nothing … Read more

Sales on the internet: misleading promotions, false opinions… these new measures which must protect consumers

In force since Saturday May 28, the European “Omnibus” directive on the modernization of consumer protection specifies the conditions of distance selling and in particular on the internet. Shopping online. The practice is becoming widespread and many French people who have long been reluctant to consume on the internet have taken the plunge. However, caution … Read more

iPhone: 7 tips to protect your phone from overheating!

iPhone 7 tips to protect your phone from overheating

Is your iPhone at risk of overheating this summer with the high temperatures? So do not hesitate to follow these few tips to preserve it! To protect your iPhone from overheating, there are simple tips. If you want to allow your smartphone to last over time, follow them without hesitation! MCE TV tells you everything … Read more

Attacked, the operators are strengthening to protect the Internet of the French and their infrastructures

Attacked the operators are strengthening to protect the Internet of

Since February 24 and the start of the conflict in Ukraine, telecom networks have been under close surveillance. Attacks are increasing and operators are mobilized. “Since February 23, denial of service (DDoS) attacks have increased tenfold“, explains a telco to Figaro and if it is for the moment impossible to point the finger directly at … Read more

VPN: protect your Internet traffic with this low-cost solution

VPN protect your Internet traffic with this low cost solution

At PureVPN, an interesting offer allows you to secure your Internet connection at a very affordable price. It is one of the few VPNs offering a subscription for less than €2. from 1.99€ Satisfied or refunded 31 days 6500 servers 10 simultaneous connections maximum 78 countries covered More details Complete Features of PureVPN VPN. – … Read more

In Israel, a start-up invents robotic hives to protect bees

Beewise sells containers for bees, managed by robots responsible for monitoring and caring for these pollinators, guarantors of global food security. Robotic hives, which constantly monitor the bees: this is the discovery of the Israeli start-up Beewise, created in 2018. A hundred of these devices, called “Beehome” (“bee house” in English), have already been deployed … Read more