Referendums in Ukraine: the victory of the “yes” claimed by the pro-Russians – Journal L’Union

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The pro-Russian authorities of the Ukrainian regions of Zaporijjia, Kherson and Lugansk have claimed the victory of the “yes” in favor of annexation by Russia, via “referendums” organized by Moscow and widely denounced by kyiv and its Western supporters. The electoral commission of the region of Zaporijjia affirmed that 93.11% of the voters had voted … Read more

Attack on the Kremenchuk shopping center in Ukraine: the claims of the pro-Russians scrutinized

Since the attack by the Russian army on a shopping center on June 27, in Kremenchuk, in central Ukraine, false information has been circulating on social networks. Moscow says it was not the mall that was targeted, but rather a nearby ammunition stockpile. The center would simply have caught fire. Also according to Russia, the … Read more