Cinema – Why the virtual reality programming at the Clermont Short Film Festival remains the best in France

Internet Fiber continues to gain ground in Haute

Reservations for the VR workshop, set up on the first floor of the Comédie, in Clermont-Ferrand, during the Short Film Festival, are going like hotcakes.Year after year, virtual reality confirms the enthusiasm it arouses and Clermont positions itself very clearly on the subject. “We have, during the festival, the best programming in France,” affirms Sébastien … Read more

Computer programming: The steps to learn to code

Computer programming The steps to learn to code

For neophytes, it may seem complex, but it is enough to know the basics to succeed in coding. What are the steps to learn to code? Understand computer programming The computer programming is a method of writing software applications to solve specific problems. The best way for most companies to expose their product to the … Read more

This is the end of programming as we know it

This is the end of programming as we know it

Over the past few decades, various movements have shaken up the software world, promising either to hand over much of the programming work to end users or to further automate the process. CASE tools, fourth generation programming languages, object oriented programming, service oriented architecture, microservices, cloud services, PaaS, serverless computing, low code and no code … Read more

2022 Computer Programming Languages ​​Most Used by Global Businesses – The Tech Review

2022 Computer Programming Languages ​​Most Used by Global Businesses

Use of global computer programming languages such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, etc. They all rely on Python to a large extent Python, one of the most popular programming languages, is used by many large companies Some of the biggest names in the tech industry rely heavily on Python, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, … Read more

Low code could be a game-changer for the programming industry Computerworld

Low code could be a game changer for the programming industry

In terms of popularity, Python, Java, and C++ still occupy the top three in Anywr’s ranking of the most widely used computer languages. But with the arrival of low/no-code technologies, this ranking could change rapidly, driven by the challenges of the lack of developers and the ecological transition. Enterprises will place increasing emphasis on no-code … Read more

TuxCare Launches Python Programming Language Extended Lifecycle Support Service

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

The launch marks TuxCare’s second new extended lifecycle support service this year, underscoring the company’s position as an innovator in cost-effectively extending the use of mission-critical applications. PALO ALTO, California, September 07, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–TuxCarea global enterprise cybersecurity innovator for Linux, today announces the launch and general availability of its service Python Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS). Often … Read more

Postly, the complete and collaborative tool for creating, programming and publishing content on social networks

Postly the complete and collaborative tool for creating programming and

Managing a company’s social networks takes a lot of time. You have to rack your brains to come up with an idea for content, schedule it on several social platforms and analyze the impact. To simplify this daily task, there are social media management tools. Among them, Postly. It offers the ability to design and … Read more

Metaverse: Top programming languages ​​to work with

Metaverse Top programming languages ​​to work with

It is certain that the metaverse will require professionals like programmers, developers and engineers. Through this guide, we will show you the best programming languages ​​to work in the complex universe of this fascinating world that is the metaverse. Chances are you’ve heard of the metaverse and its expansive potential. Most think this concept is … Read more