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What is it about ? ChatGPT is a natural language processing software created by the American organization OpenAI and which generates text automatically. This artificial intelligence program was built on the principle of “machine learning” which consists, in part, of relying on a huge database, made up in particular of documents taken from the web … Read more

“Cultur’Export”, a program to carry high and far the creativity of La French Touch

CulturExport a program to carry high and far the creativity

Posted Dec 14 2022 at 9:31Updated 14 Dec. 2022 at 9:44 am Country of literature, cinema, music, fashion, luxury and gastronomy, pioneer in virtual or augmented reality technologies, leader in the field of video games, France can rely on the vitality and the plurality of its creative and cultural industries (CCI), on a combination of … Read more

Wipro Launches AWS Skills Guild: Step Up Program

Wipro Launches AWS Skills Guild Step Up Program

AWS Skills Guild will transform the way Wipro employees interact with customers and help drive optimal business results through comprehensive AWS Cloud training NEW YORK and BANGALORE, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology consulting and services company, announces the launch of its new Skills Guild program with Amazon Web … Read more

The Maimonides program celebrates 20 years of research between Israel and France

The Maimonides program celebrates 20 years of research between Israel

The Maimonides research program celebrated earlier this month at an event in Paris 20 years of scientific collaborations between Israel and France. Promoting scientific partnerships between Israel and France, the program supports research collaborations between scientists from both countries in cutting-edge fields. The program thus grants 1.2 million euros every six months to eight bilateral … Read more

The Internet Governance Forum, the 2022 program in Paris and online

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The Internet Governance Forum was created at the World Summit on the Information Society to engage multiple stakeholders in a dialogue on Internet governance. This forum will take place in France on December 5, 2022 in Paris and online. On the agenda: the future of the Internet, the new digital agenda linked to responsible digital, … Read more

IBM Quantum Computer Runs Largest Quantum Computing Program Ever Launched

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⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Recently, IBM has already hit the headlines by unveiling its latest model of quantum computer, capable of using 433 qubits. The company, however, made many revelations during its IBM Quantum Summit. She claims she fired up a 127-qubit circuit that proved capable of running … Read more

After its stop on Canal +, the program “The butterfly effect” wants to be reborn on the internet

After its stop on Canal the program The butterfly

The “butterfly effect” wants to be reborn from its ashes. Four years after the sudden cessation of this international reporting program on Canal+, the Capa agency (Newen group), which produced the program for 12 years, intends to relaunch it, but this time only on the internet. A call for donations was launched this Tuesday, November … Read more

Protein scientist, who competed against computer program, says machine learning will advance biotechnology Artificial Intelligence & Robotics News

Protein scientist who competed against computer program says machine learning

Vikas Nanda has spent more than two decades studying the intricacies of proteins, the highly complex substances found in all living organisms. The Rutgers scientist has long envisioned how the unique patterns of amino acids that make up proteins determine whether they become anything from hemoglobin to collagen, as well as the later, mysterious step … Read more

Inmarsat Enhances Business Aviation Inflight Broadband Service Plans Under Jet ConneX Evolution Program

Inmarsat Enhances Business Aviation Inflight Broadband Service Plans Under Jet

Modernization of existing service plans at no cost; new premium service plan goes live as part of groundbreaking program to deliver even more performance and value LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inmarsat transforms service plans for its inflight broadband solution Jet ConneX (JX) to provide customers with even more performance and throughput and better value for money. The updates … Read more

The new European quantum internet program has been launched

The new European quantum internet program has been launched

The Quantum Internet Alliance has launched a seven-year program, approved by the European Commission, aimed at collaboratively and innovatively building a quantum internet ecosystem “ made in europe“. The alliance, led by pioneering quantum internet university QuTech Delft in the Netherlands, announced on Friday (October 14) its intention to develop the world’s first comprehensive network … Read more