IT and digital professions: the profiles whose salary will increase the most in 2023

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Tensions will remain on the job market in 2023. Skills shortages and inflationary pressures will not make life easier for recruiters in the IT and digital professions. According to PageGroup’s 2023 Compensation Study, “all IT functions will be under strain with a shortage of candidates. This problem will particularly concern experts in cybercrime, systems engineering … Read more

What is the place of IT professions in wage portage?

What is the place of IT professions in wage portage

Wage portage gives many advantages to entrepreneurs who want to see their professional project develop while enjoying the same advantages as a company employee. Although some professions are incompatible with wage portage, web professions are adapted to this hybrid way of working. Why are IT professions popular in wage portage? What are the advantages of … Read more

Discover Digital Campus, the school that (really) trains in digital professions

Discover Digital Campus the school that really trains in digital

Training in digital professions is far from easy as traditional educational structures are lagging behind in this area. Fortunately, there are many schools aware of the challenges of digital technology and which offer appropriate teaching. Example with Digital Campus. Source: Avi Richards for Unsplash With the explosion of the web and the democratization of digital, … Read more

IT professions: the advantages of work-study training

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Easier integration into the labor market thanks to work-study programs While the IT sector is dynamic and constantly changing, work-study training represents an ideal and suitable formula for future talents interested in this field. A real gateway to employment, it helps you to acclimatize more easily to life and corporate culture. By following your course … Read more

How is artificial intelligence preparing to fundamentally change certain professions in the automotive sector? – Technocar

How is artificial intelligence preparing to fundamentally change certain professions

Artificial intelligence has long been a notion of science fiction. We have often come across her in the cinema or in television series, but also in novels and comic strips. Today that technological progress is being made at a barely believable pace, it is clear that artificial intelligence has become a reality and no longer … Read more

Employment – What professions of the future in the era of robots and artificial intelligence?

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Each era of modern history has its industrial revolution. The mechanization of textiles transformed the 18th century, the electricity fairy bent over the cradle of the 19th century, information technology transformed the end of the 20th century. And now this nascent 21st century heralds the era of robots. Anticipation novels have made their honey of … Read more

The IT professions that recruit the most

INFOGRAPHICS. According to a survey by the Grande Ecole du Numérique, 15 IT professions are currently highly sought after by employers. Discover these buoyant and promising professions, some of which announce very attractive salaries. The developer king of oil? In a study published at the beginning of the year by the Grande Ecole du Numérique … Read more

Bac: orientation and training in digital professions, instructions for use

VIDEO. The IT and digital professions are among the most promising by 2030. But too few candidates are moving towards training for these professions. On the occasion of the first NSI day, discover the teachings of specialties and the most useful sectors for digital training whatever your baccalaureate. “The needs are colossal in the digital … Read more

These professions that do not yet exist…

These professions that do not yet

AI ethicist, psydesigner, egoteller Whether you’re asking questions to an SNCF chatbot, finding your way on Waze, scrolling through your news feed on Facebook or translating a text on Google, artificial intelligence is already an integral part of your daily life. Although still in its infancy, AI has already begun to create its share of … Read more

GOAL MMI – multimedia and internet professions

The BUT MMI (multimedia and internet professions) trains professionals in the design and production of communication products and services using digital technologies. L’Étudiant gives you all the information to know the qualities expected to integrate the training, the program, the professions and the possible pursuits of studies, which will help you to project yourself better. … Read more