Research: towards biodegradable electronics… by printing squid ink

Paolo Benanti the monk who surrounds the Pope on the

MONTREAL — Montreal researchers are trying to reduce the environmental cost of electronic components, thanks in particular to squid ink. The materials from the fishing of this mollusc could be used to imprint melanin, used as an electrical conductor. A Quebec team has developed a process to print melanin purified from squid ink. She has … Read more

Med In Town: international ambitions and diversification of its activities for its mobile 3D printing micro-factory

Med In Town international ambitions and diversification of its activities

The MicroFactory: a 30 m2 mobile 3D printing micro-factory developed by Med In Town (photo credits: Med In Town) Med In Town has new ambitions for its concept of a mobile 3D printing micro-factory. Appearing on the front of the stage more than a year ago, this nugget from Saint-Etienne, if you don’t know her … Read more

Lyons. Susan Kare, an IT icon at the Printing Museum

There was a time when computers were reserved for IT specialists, and for professional use. In 1982, two young students, Steve Jobs and Andy Herzfeld, had the intuition that this machine could have daily and domestic use, and fit into every home. A real stroke of technical and commercial genius, which required real adaptation. It … Read more