2035: Cryptos are at the heart of the presidential campaign [Crypto Dystopie]

2035 Cryptos are at the heart of the presidential campaign

What will our world be like in 2035? – Our favorite cryptos will they have disappeared or will they be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through little stories, to imagine our world in the not so distant … Read more

Policy. Amazonia, electronic voting, polls, Neymar… What you need to know before the presidential election in Brazil

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

Left-wing ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva against outgoing far-right head of state Jair Bolsonaro. This is the poster for the Brazilian presidential election. If nine other candidates are in the running, the two favorites crush the campaign with all their political and media weight. Thursday evening, for the last debate before Sunday’s first round, … Read more

In Kenya, TikTok is playing misinformation as the presidential election approaches

Published on : 06/10/2022 – 19:25 TikTok is facilitating the spread of hateful content and misinformation in Kenya, two months before the presidential election, according to a report by the Mozilla Foundation released on Thursday. This is the first time that the role of the famous social network of Chinese origin in the political debate … Read more

Presidential election 2022: on the Internet, has the right won the fight?

Presidential election 2022 on the Internet has the right won

For Jen Schradie, “The Internet has not eradicated the strong inequalities between working class groups and those of the middle and upper classes (…). On the contrary, it only reinforces them. » QUANTO EDITIONS Is the Internet right-wing? Behind this somewhat brutal formulation, subtitle of the book The Illusion of Digital Democracy. Is the Internet … Read more

Legislative in Rennes. Florian Bachelier, candidate for the presidential majority in the 8th

Early Macronist, elected MP in 2017, Florian Bachelier is seeking a second term, in the legislative elections, in the eighth constituency ofIlle-et-Vilainewhich brings together districts to the west of Rennes and the municipalities of the canton of Rheu (Chavagne, Cintré, L’Hermitage, Mordelles, Le Rheu, Vezin-le-Coquet, Saint-Gilles and Saint-Jacques-de-la- Moor). Who is he ? Lawyer, 43 … Read more