VIDEO. “A pair of glasses is expensive”, a mobile ophthalmology unit goes to rural areas to meet precarious people

VIDEO A pair of glasses is expensive a mobile ophthalmology

Eliminate “poor seeing” in the world. This is the mission of this mobile truck that criss-crosses France. In Haute-Saône for three days, a hundred people who could not afford to take care of their eyesight were able to meet an ophthalmologist free of charge. This morning, Aurélien came to consult. This young man meets the … Read more

Organic market gardeners fined 1500 euros per month because of their precarious habitat

VSa fine of fifty euros per day from 8 November. This is what Adrien Cano and his partner Marine Dunand incur if they do not evacuate the mobile home from the farm where they work. On August 8, the mayor of the town issued a formal notice under penalty, which strongly threatens their installation in … Read more