At Cannes, experts assess Europe’s potential as a world leader in virtual production

05/20/2022 – CANNES 2022: The benefits of virtual production and other new technologies will make life easier for directors, but they will also change some of the production work This article is available in English. On 19 May, the Marina Stage of the Film Market hosted the Canes Next panel “Europe as a Global Leader … Read more

Where does the list of potential ministers of the future government that circulates on the networks come from?

Where does the list of potential ministers of the future

The government of Elisabeth Bornecase With the approach of the appointment of the various ministers who will make up Elisabeth Borne’s government team, at least two lists of future ministers have been shared in journalistic and political circles before leaking on social networks. The ephemeral Sylvie Goulard back to be Minister of Foreign Affairs? The … Read more

Google at school: “the educational potential of Internet tools is immense”

France must open up its education system to the realities of the digital world, an approach likely to make a lasting and positive change in the daily lives of teachers and students, in high school in particular. It is not only a question of guiding them towards the proper use of the Internet and digital … Read more

Project Cambria: Meta’s next helmet reveals its potential on video

We were talking about it this morning in an articleMark Zuckerberg had announced on his account Facebook want to reveal more details about the mixed reality possibilities offered by the next helmet of Metanamely the Project Cambria. It is not today that we will know more about the availability of the next helmet … Read more