Making a quantum fiber – News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Invented in 1970 by Corning Incorporated, low-loss optical fiber has become the best way to efficiently transport information from one location to another over long distances without loss of information. The most common mode of data transmission these days is through conventional fiber optics – a single central channel transmits information. However, with the exponential … Read more

Quantum computing engineers are setting a new standard for silicon chip performance – News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Two milliseconds – or two thousandths of a second – is an extraordinarily long time in the world of quantum computing. On these time scales, a blink of an eye – to a tenth of a second – is like an eternity. Now a team of researchers from UNSW Sydney have broken new ground by … Read more

Using machine learning and simple X-ray spectra, researchers can discover compounds that could power next-generation computer chips or quantum devices. – News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Topological materials, an exotic class of materials whose surfaces exhibit different electrical or functional properties than their interiors, have been a hot area of ​​research since their experimental realization in 2007 – a discovery that sparked new research and precipitated a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2016 These materials are believed to have great potential … Read more

New measurements quantifying qudits provide a glimpse into the quantum future News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Using existing experimental and computational resources, a multi-institutional team has developed an efficient method for measuring high-dimensional qudits encoded in quantum frequency combs, which are a type of photon source, on a single optical chip. Although the word “qudit” might sound like a typo, this lesser-known cousin of the qubit, or quantum bit, can hold … Read more

Cosmic rays used to track and visualize tropical cyclones offer new insights News Physics and Quantum Computing

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For the first time, high-energy muon particles created in the atmosphere have allowed researchers to explore storm structures in ways that traditional visualization techniques, such as satellite imagery, cannot. . The details offered by this new technique could help researchers model storms and associated weather effects. It could also lead to more accurate early warning … Read more

Optical foundations illuminated by quantum light – News in Quantum Physics and Computing

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Optics, the study of light, is one of the oldest fields of physics and has never ceased to amaze researchers. Although the classical description of light as a wave phenomenon is rarely questioned, the physical origins of certain optical effects are. A team of researchers from the University of Tampere has brought the discussion of … Read more

2022 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to pioneers of quantum entanglement –

Why are we talking about it. The Nobel Prize in Physics is one of the most prestigious scientific awards, which often enshrines entire careers. Quantum technologies are a field still in its infancy, but nevertheless promised a bright future: them quantum computerswhich are still the subject of intense R&D work, could one day “breaking” encryption … Read more

Full control of a six-qubit silicon quantum processor News Physics and Quantum Computing

Full control of a six qubit silicon quantum processor News Physics

Researchers from QuTech – a collaboration between Delft University of Technology and TNO – have designed a record number of six silicon-based spin qubits in a fully interoperable network. Importantly, qubits can operate with a low error rate achieved through a new chip design, an automated calibration procedure, and new methods for initializing and reading … Read more

Ultracold circuits – News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Cooling materials to extremely low temperatures is important for basic physics research as well as for technological applications. By improving a special refrigerator and a low-temperature thermometer, the Basel scientists managed to cool an electrical circuit on a chip down to 220 microkelvins, close to absolute zero. When materials are cooled to extremely low temperatures, … Read more

Researchers demonstrate error correction in a silicon qubit system News Physics and Quantum Computing

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Researchers at RIKEN in Japan have taken a major step towards large-scale quantum computing by demonstrating error correction in a three-qubit silicon-based quantum computing system. This book, published in Naturecould pave the way for the realization of practical quantum computers. Quantum computers are a hot area of ​​research today, as they promise to solve some … Read more