Dick pics : bientôt un nouvel outil sur Instagram pour filtrer les photos de pénis non sollicitées

Dick pics bientot un nouvel outil sur Instagram pour

Par Léa Giandomenico Publié le 23 Sep 22 à 19:47  Actu Voir mon actu Suivre ce média Sur Instagram, l’envoi de messages à caractère sexuel non consenties est monnaie courante.  (©JB / 76 Actu) De nombreuses femmes ont déjà été confrontées à l’envoi de photos de sexes masculins non sollicitées, plus couramment appelées dick pics, … Read more

Google Photos: a big update is taking place, here are the new features

Google Photos a big update is taking place here are

Google has made a major update to Google Photos, especially the “Memories” carousel. On the program: memories that are easier to share, more suggested videos and new collages. Source: Google This is the most important update of “Memories» never realized since its launch three years ago, ensures Google. This carousel available on the top main … Read more

How to Move Photos and Videos to a Secure Folder [Android 12] – Tech Tribune France

If you think your personal files like videos and pictures are not secure enough, you can easily add them to Samsung Secure Folder. In this article, we will show you how move photos and videos to secure folder on samsung galaxy phones. Your smartphone’s lock screen is a crucial barrier to anyone trying to use … Read more

10,000 photos available for free on the Internet will take you back to 20th century Paris

You didn’t know Place d’Aligre (12th century) when it looked like a village square, before a strip of apartment buildings disfigured it in the 1960s? Appointment on the website of the city of Paris. You can admire the esplanade of the famous market immortalized in 1920 by the photographer Charles Lansiaux. Would you like to … Read more

This artificial intelligence restores old photos with amazing quality

This artificial intelligence restores old photos with amazing quality

In most cases, old photos of our ancestors are often in pretty bad shape. Scratches on the paper, high level of noise, poor colors and sharpness. But don’t worry, if you want to see their faces in high quality, this artificial intelligence helps you do it. Using the power of the GFP-GAN model, the team … Read more

PHOTOS – Fire in Chartreuse: many reactions on social networks

PHOTOS Fire in Chartreuse many reactions on social networks

The firefighters are in combat on Friday evening in Isère. A major fire broke out following a lightning strike on the foothills of Chartreuse to the north of Grenoble, near the communes of La Buisse and Voreppe. Firefighters have been taking turns day and night since trying to control the flames, an unstable and constantly … Read more

Huawei Nova 10 and Nova 10 Pro, official photos and all the features before the official presentation

After the series of Huawei Nova 9 smartphones, the Chinese giant must soon formalize the series that will succeed it, the Nova 10. The presentation is expected for next July 4 but we already know everything about them, including the design and the colors that will be offered when the Nova 10 and Nova 10 … Read more