Is your Internet slow on your Windows laptop, but not on your phone? Here is how to solve this problem. – In question

1674417760 Is your Internet slow on your Windows laptop but not

Is your internet connection super fast on your phone but acting like a lazy turtle on your laptop? Can you stream HD videos on your mobile device without buffering, but have trouble opening a website on your laptop’s browser? What is the reason for such disparate treatment of different devices by your internet? In this … Read more

How to locate a cell phone by WhatsApp, on Android and iPhone? – Current Cameroon

1673765619 How to locate a cell phone by WhatsApp on Android

In addition to being the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp also helps you locate a lost or stolen Smartphone. However, many users were unaware of the existence of this interesting feature which also helps to quickly identify the location of a person. How to locate a mobile phone via WhatsApp, both … Read more

Iphone and Samsung unbreakable mobile phone case – La Revue Tech

1673684789 Iphone and Samsung unbreakable mobile phone case La Revue

When you have a phone, taking out insurance can be the best solution to guarantee repairs in the event of a fall. Unbreakable cell phone case However, it is possible to find another simpler and beneficial solution. It is a question of protecting it thanks to a shell. The shell therefore plays a quite important … Read more

Mobile phone plan. To celebrate 2023, this operator draws a price of MADNESS

Why advertisers are abandoning social networks Challenges

Are you tired of paying a small fortune for a mobile plan where you only use a tiny part of the content? We understand you. Here is a less expensive and very complete solution. Telecom operators love to sell 100 or 200 GB mobile plans when (almost) no one uses them. By selling oversized subscriptions, … Read more

Nothing Phone (1) – Android 13 update arrives with lots of new features – IDBOOX

Nothing Phone 1 – Android 13 update arrives with lots

The Nothing Phone (1) updates. The smartphone hosts the Beta of Nothing OS 1.5 based on Android 13. Carl Pei, CEO of Nothingrecently stated that he was actively working to improve the user experience on the Nothing Phone (1). No sooner said than done. The young company announces the availability of the Beta version of … Read more