Purchasing power: one in two French people uses a price comparison tool on the internet or on an application

“The French are very attentive to the price and the promotions“Since the war in Ukraine and the decline in purchasing power, assures Franck Lehuédé, of the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc). According to INSEE, theprice increase food products stood at 4.3% year on year last month. In total, 56% … Read more

Ligne Directe – With our Observers in Dakar (3/3): mobile radio for young people

Published on : 06/25/2022 – 01:54 In Dakar, three of our Observers mobilize on a daily basis for young people, through their activism in education, ecology or employment. In this Direct Line specially dedicated to the Senegalese capital, they tell us how they act for their city. Their initiatives, in addition to raising awareness of … Read more

Only 1 in 5 people pay with their smartphone in France

Only 1 in 5 people pay with their smartphone in

Despite very high compatibility of French banks with mobile payment services, applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paylib remain at a low level of use in France. In a study on the habits of French men and women in terms of payments, the comparator Panorabanques and the poll&roll institute reveal several figures on … Read more

The impact of accessibility to technologies for people with disabilities

Technology has become an important part of everyone’s daily life. When it comes to people with any kind of disability, technology has broken down barriers that have existed for centuries. Technology has become an important part of everyone’s daily life. When it comes to people with any kind of disability, technology has broken down barriers … Read more

The viral video of Young people with Macron is a flop

Does Obi Wan Kenobis Strength Come From StageCraft

Right between the two rounds of the legislative elections, Young people with Macron decided to give their party and their candidates a little boost. After a very tight first round enter Together! and Nupesthey imagined the world with Jean-Luc Mélenchon as Prime Minister. young people with macron who are worried about their weekend in marrakech … Read more

Legislative: a video of Young people with Macron, who imagine France led by Mélenchon, mocked on social networks

the essential Young people with Macron broadcast a campaign clip this Wednesday, June 15 imagining what France would be like if Mélenchon and Nupes were to win the legislative elections. Immediately became the laughingstock of social networks, the video was deleted at midday. “Sunday, June 19. 8 p.m. An extremist party obtains the majority in … Read more

Back in XXL version, the Electronic Beaches want to bring together 18,000 people a day in Cannes

Like a summer air, yesterday on the sands of Cannes. On the hotel beach 3.14, an event called Les Petites Plages has already set the tone for what awaits us in the months to come. Warmth, smiles, good sound. On the decks, EEC Loops, Umbree, The Penelopes and Ness Toria got everyone in the mood. … Read more

Paying for help on your box, it makes people react, Free Mobile and its delays… Your best reactions to the news of Free and telecoms

Paying for help on your box it makes people react

Univers Freebox deals with news about Free and telecoms and has always been a space where the community could express itself. Sometimes the answers are very funny, or very relevant, but we must delve into the comments to discover the good words of our readers. We then offer you our small selection in this “Best-Of”. … Read more

Legislative: the puzzle of Internet voting for French people living abroad

Published on : 05/31/2022 – 19:14 Online voting for French voters abroad has experienced several bugs since it opened on May 27. According to the Quai d’Orsay, Internet voting is working again. But criticisms and misunderstandings accumulate. These challenges, along with security risks, mean that larger-scale implementation is still far from feasible. Legislative 2022 © … Read more

Starlink: these French people for whom Elon Musk’s Internet access service changed everything

The satellite Internet access service will retain its authorization to use frequencies in our country. To the great relief of its first users who mobilized forcefully to defend a service that has become essential to them. “Starlink has revolutionized my daily life”,“Starlink is vital for the sustainability of my company“,“Starlink is the only solution to … Read more