Orange: operators fear that the end of the copper network will lead to Internet outages

Orange operators fear that the end of the copper network

The announcement by Orange of the dismantling of the copper network has been emulated by the competition. Finally, the other operators fear that the latter will take advantage of its full powers to hasten the death of the ADLS, even before all the regions of France are properly covered by fiber. Meanwhile, Arcep is keeping … Read more

Internet: the risk of ever-increasing outages

Internet the risk of ever increasing outages

An error message appears on the Facebook homepage on a laptop screen, in Newark, New Jersey, in 2015. JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP Longer and bigger! Large-scale Internet outages are reaching increasingly impressive and worrisome levels. This is what millions of inhabitants of Grenoble, Besançon, Reims (Marne) and Strasbourg experienced again on April … Read more