DevOps training: What are the opportunities?

DevOps training What are the opportunities

DevOps: highly sought-after skills The DevOps training is increasingly popular in the IT industry, as it allows professionals to develop their skills in deploying, maintaining and monitoring IT systems. The opportunities for professionals trained in DevOps are many and varied, ranging from developer positions to those of project manager through systems engineer or consultant positions. … Read more

Meta Invests $2.5 Million to Support Independent Academic Research in France and Europe to Investigate Opportunities and Challenges in the Metaverse | About Meta

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Meta supports independent academic research across Europe, including in France. Academics and specialists from seven European countries, including France, will study how metaverse technologies interact with privacy, security, inclusion and the future of work. In France, Meta will support two research programs led by the Governance and Regulation Chair at Paris Dauphine University and by … Read more

Metavers: What opportunities for companies?

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Posted Sep 26, 2022, 12:28 PM Although 41% of French people have never heard of the metaverse*, everything suggests that these shared virtual spaces will soon enter their daily lives, whether for entertainment, exchange or consumption. Because the metaverse is experiencing unprecedented growth: 210 billion dollars were injected into the capital of players in the … Read more

At Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier, Occitan offers an incredible number of opportunities

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Although the number of students has been declining in recent years, there are many professional opportunities. Think about it. Occitan is learned from kindergarten to university. Education is his main hope for survival. Unfortunately, with less than 3% of children sensitized to Occitan in the small sections, the use of the language is lost over … Read more

Quantum computing: threats and opportunities What strategies for France?

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Is quantum computing a myth or a reality? Today, the terms are on many lips, whether scientific, political or industrial, it seems that the participants in the launched race are numerous. But what is it really? In this work, we propose to deal with the quantum subject from a technological, cryptographic, societal and institutional point … Read more

The Metaverse, a universe of economic opportunities? Dubai believes in it

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Its first followers say it: it’s time to join the Metaverse. Researchers estimate that by 2026, one in four of us will be spending at least an hour a day there for work, shopping, training, socializing or entertainment. But for most of us, this alternate digital world remains a mystery. It is, in fact, a … Read more

Wearable Computing Market Opportunities, Dynamics, Outlook and Forecast 2022-2029 –

Wearable Computing Market Opportunities Dynamics Outlook and Forecast 2022 2029

This report plays a very remarkable role in the growth and success of the company in this competitive market for the industry. Best practice models and research methodologies are implemented in this report to provide comprehensive market analysis with segmentation and accurate market insights. This market research report provides important and significant market insights for … Read more

Edge Computing Market Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities and Forecasts by 2029 –

Edge Computing Market Trends Drivers Restraints Opportunities and Forecasts by

Data Bridge Market Research in its report titled Edge Computing Market offers comprehensive information and detailed research on this market. The report covers key factors propelling the Edge Computing market growth, untapped lucrative opportunities for manufacturers, latest trends and developments shaping market growth, and other valuable insights about different market segments. To ensure the success … Read more