Get a 50GB mobile plan from €6.90 with the operators La Poste Mobile, Syma Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile and Coriolis

Get a 50GB mobile plan from E690 with the operators

If you are looking for a mobile offer with 50GB of internet for less than €10, then our top 3 should interest you! Indeed, we offer a selection of 4 50GB packages on promotion put forward by the operators La Poste Mobile, Syma Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile and Coriolis. Cdiscount Mobile: 50GB at €7 with no … Read more

Save by opting for an unlimited 50GB mobile plan from €6.90 with five mobile operators

Save by opting for an unlimited 50GB mobile plan from

Want to make great savings on your mobile plan? The promotions of the MVNOs selected today in this comparison will allow you to reduce your telecom bill while enjoying great benefits. The 50GB offers detailed in the rest of this article are all without commitment of duration and at a bargain price without condition of … Read more

Orange: operators fear that the end of the copper network will lead to Internet outages

Orange operators fear that the end of the copper network

The announcement by Orange of the dismantling of the copper network has been emulated by the competition. Finally, the other operators fear that the latter will take advantage of its full powers to hasten the death of the ADLS, even before all the regions of France are properly covered by fiber. Meanwhile, Arcep is keeping … Read more

Mobile plans with telephone: operators finally spared – Challenges

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

“It has turned a little into the discussion of a carpet merchant”, recognizes the senator of Republicans Patrick Chaize. The amendment of purchasing power lawvoted on August 3, which provided for a reduction in the termination costs of bundled telephone packages – these offers combining the acquisition of a telephone and subscription – will have … Read more

Closure of the Orange copper network: the other operators are very critical –

1659360868 Closure of the Orange copper network the other operators are

Orange plans to close its copper network by 2030, but this closure plan does not please its competitors SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free. Arcep has published their responses, which are very critical. Orange’s fifty-year-old copper network will be gradually closed. The incumbent recently presented its plan to shut down this networkwhich he plans to completely … Read more

Orange review: price and comparison of the operator’s mobile plans

Orange review price and comparison of the operators mobile plans

Orange is the incumbent French operator: established for decades on the territory, the firm notably marketed its low-cost Sosh offer and remains to this day the leader national mobile plans. But its subscriptions have nowadays become so numerous that it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate them: here is our new Orange opinion to find … Read more

Google accuses operators of being complicit in the hacking of their subscribers

Google accuses operators of having participated in the hacking of their subscribers. According to the group’s researchers, some Internet service providers have collaborated with attackers to deploy spyware on smartphones. the Threat Analysis Group (TAG), Google’s threat analysis group, warns Android smartphone and iPhone users. In a report published on June 23, 2022, the researchers … Read more

Mobile package: promos up to €10 from network operators Free Mobile, RED by SFR, Bouygues Telecom and SOSH!

Mobile package promos up to E10 from network operators Free

Do you have a mobile phone budget that should not be exceeded? Then you should find your happiness among our selection of 4 promotional offers put forward by the mobile network operators Free Mobile, Sosh, Red by SFR and Bouygues Telecom! 40GB or 80GB, without commitment and at a maximum of €10; discover these offers … Read more

MVNO: SFR and Bouygues buy virtual operators

MVNO SFR and Bouygues buy virtual operators

Bouygues Telecom and SFR are engaged in a merciless war by buying virtual operators (MVNO) one after the other. A disguised market concentration that is not to the benefit of the consumer. Summary Early May 2022, SFR acquired Syma Mobile, a virtual operator (or MVNO, for Mobile Virtual Network Operator in English )) which offered … Read more