Football: Thanks to AI, FIFA and FIFPRO take action against online harassment

Thanks to the Threat Matrix solution, FIFA is taking another step in its commitment against online abuse and for the protection of its players and staff. On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Hate Speech, she proposes an AI-based plan. A report published by FIFA on the occasion of the International … Read more

Online banking, neo-banking… how to choose the right dematerialized bank

A traditional bank with its branch open during your school hours, advisers who change regularly, and often rates that are too high for your finances… In short, dad’s bank is not for you! But you need an account and banking services. Modern! The criteria for choosing First, identify your needs. To do this, think about … Read more

Online disinformation: EU adopts new code of conduct for social media and platforms

Deprive sites disseminating infox from advertising, better cooperate with fact-checkers, ensure more transparency: digital platforms have pledged to strengthen their fight against disinformation, in a new European code of good practice presented on Thursday. This revised version of the code launched in 2018of which AFP obtained a copy, was to be unveiled at a press … Read more

Different Online Dating Platforms for Seniors

Online dating sites for young and old The internet has become an important platform for people to connect and communicate with each other. It’s no surprise that many people are now using the internet to find love and companionship. There are different online dating platforms suitable for different age groups and different preferences. Whether you … Read more

Tech companies urged to better protect women online

A study by Ofcom, the British telecommunications regulator, reveals that women feel less safe online than men. Tech companies aren’t doing enough to keep women safe on the internet. That’s what it says Ofcom, the telecommunications regulatory authority in the United Kingdom. Having conducted a study on online life in the country, she indicates that … Read more

Online voting: computer security experts abstain! | Engineering Techniques

This solution is tempting, but it is very complicated to implement to avoid all fraud. INRIA has developed Belenios, an online platform that allows you to encrypt your ballot. But it cannot claim to replace the ballot box. Will going to your polling station ever be a thing of the past? Online voting has been … Read more

In the kingdom of online fans: why the internet hates Amber Heard

1653736024 In the kingdom of online fans why the internet hates

Johnny Depp waves to supporters from his vehicle as he leaves the Fairfax County Courthouse, May 27, 2022. ©ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP people trial Between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, online fan communities quickly made their choice. Atlantico: The trial which began in April 2022 between Amber … Read more

Is online gaming an invitation for hackers?

In recent years, online gambling has become a favorite target of hackers. It drains, in fact, millions of users, eager to succeed and sometimes unconcerned about their security. In addition, online gambling generates an ever-increasing turnover and gives the opportunity for multiple transactions which are as many opportunities for hackers to steal banking data. Fortunately, … Read more

Apple introduces new online training courses and certifications for IT support and management – Reuters News in France and abroad

Apple today announced the launch of a new professional training and certifications for IT support and management course, providing a completely redesigned, self-paced online training platform where users can learn everything they need to know about supporting and managing Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac at work. Two new Apple professional training courses—Apple … Read more

Meal delivery and quick commerce take the lead in online sales

For e-commerce , the beginning of the year seems to rhyme with a certain return to normal. But the latter should not hide the rapid installation of new habits. As for the trends found after two years of Covid, sales of services have thus once again become the majority, compared to purchases of products in … Read more