Nvidia bangs its fist on the metaverse table: discover the new tools for developers – LeBigData.fr

Nvidia bangs its fist on the metaverse table discover the

In order to stimulate the development of the metaverse and to make it more realistic, Nvidia has just unveiled new tools intended for the creators of virtual worlds. On the program: realistic and emotional avatars, embodied virtual assistants, physical simulations or even a 3D internet… Since the beginning of summer 2022, thethe hype around the … Read more

Industrial metaverse and USD-standard digital twins backed by Nvidia

Industrial metaverse and USD standard digital twins backed by Nvidia

High-performance computing processor maker Nvidia backs USD (Universal Scene Description) language to accelerate the industrial metaverse. USD proposes to be the bedrock of an open metaverse and 3D Internet driven by Pixar, Adobe, Autodesk and Siemens, as well as companies in media, games, robotics, industrial automation and retail. An Open Source description of 3D universes … Read more

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops’ Main Problem

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops Main Problem

If you have a laptop for gaming, do the following exercise: unplug it from the mains and start a game. It’s unplayable. Laptop manufacturers voluntarily limit the performance of their machines on battery power to avoid displaying ridiculous autonomy. This is where DLSS comes in. Cyberpunk on the Razer Blade 17 The issue around graphics … Read more

Fighting Wildfires: How NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin Work Together Against Wildfires

As part of its Silicon Valley-based lab, NVIDIA has initiated work to simulate and fight fires with NVIDIA DGX and Omniverse systems. This research aims to better understand forest fires and stop their spread. They mobilize NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin as well as the Forest Services of the United States Department of Agriculture and the … Read more

Nvidia and Stanford offer thin and light holographic glasses

Nvidia and Stanford offer thin and light holographic glasses

If virtual reality and its cousin, augmented reality, have failed to set the world on fire, it’s no doubt in large part because of what could technically be called the “cheesy factor”. Smart glasses used to see in a virtual world look terrible to all but the most hardened nerds. Facebook’s Oculus Unity glasses have … Read more

NVidia researchers are working on the very thin augmented reality glasses

Towards thinner virtual reality glasses? A team of researchers from NVIDIA Research and Stanford University has released a new paper showcasing a pair of ultra-thin virtual reality glasses. The screens can display true dynamic 3D content, solving the problem of vergence and accommodation. Although the research prototypes demonstrating the principles are much smaller in terms … Read more

QCT announces the use of NVIDIA Grace CPU superchips for supercomputing and artificial intelligence applications

Revolutionary processor design on new servers matches diverse data center needs TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 24, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), the global provider of data center solutions, today announced new servers to support superchips Grace™ CPU and Grace™ Hopper™ from NVIDIA. QCT incorporates NVIDIA’s Grace™ CPU and aims for maximum performance, memory bandwidth, power efficiency, and … Read more

Intel Vision 2022: the Habana Gaudi2 processor competes with the Nvidia A100 | IT Department – News

Intel Vision 2022 the Habana Gaudi2 processor competes with the

As part of Intel Vision 2022, Intel unveiled the freshly released Gaudi2 artificial intelligence (AI) training processor from Habana Labs, the Israeli AI accelerator chip company acquired in 2019. Image: Getty The chip is specially designed for deep learning AI applications. It uses Intel’s 7nm manufacturing process, a significant leap from the 16nm process used … Read more

NVIDIA has developed the thinnest VR optical system to date!

NVIDIA has developed the thinnest VR optical system to date

The main flaw of helmets VReven recent, remains their dimensions and their sizes. While we readily admit that we can use the headset without problems during long sessions, it is otherwise to keep it on all day. Who around you wants to telecommute for a whole week with the helmet screwed on? Exactly, nobody! NVIDIA … Read more