Qubit Pharmaceuticals Leverages NVIDIA and Hybrid Quantum Computing to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Qubit Pharmaceuticals Leverages NVIDIA and Hybrid Quantum Computing to Accelerate

Qubit Pharmaceuticals, a deeptech specializing in simulation and molecular modeling through the use of quantum physics, announced on Wednesday, November 30 the creation of a platform aimed at accelerating drug discovery by hybrid, classical and quantum computing on the NVIDIA Quantum Optimized Device Architecture (QODA). Qubits Pharmaceuticals was created in 2020, its five co-founders come … Read more

Nvidia and Microsoft team up to deliver an AI supercomputer in Azure

Nvidia and Microsoft collaborate in supercomputers. The companies announced on November 16, 2022 a multi-year collaboration to build one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputers accessible from the cloud. “Our collaboration with Nvidia will produce the world’s most scalable supercomputing platform that brings cutting-edge AI capabilities to every enterprise on Microsoft Azure”says Scott … Read more

NVIDIA and Microsoft are teaming up to build an AI supercomputer

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

NVIDIA announced this Wednesday, November 16, a multi-year collaboration with Microsoft to build an AI supercomputer that is expected to be among the most powerful in the world, powered by Microsoft Azure’s advanced supercomputing infrastructure combined with NVIDIA GPUs, the solution network and full stack of AI software to help companies train, deploy and scale … Read more

Video game: Qualcomm dreams of mobile Nvidia

the games market on mobile platforms surpassed that of PC and consoles for the first time in 2021. It puts Qualcomm, specialist in processors on mobile devices, in appetite. The chipset designer is determined to bring its technology to smartphone manufacturers and the entire ecosystem, and it wants to make it a purchasing decision engine … Read more

AI: In the latest performance test, Nvidia ousts the competition

AI In the latest performance test Nvidia ousts the competition

Although chip giant Nvidia tends to cast a long shadow over the world of artificial intelligence, its ability to oust competition from the market could grow, according to the latest benchmark test results. MLCommons, the industry consortium that oversees a popular test of machine learning performance, MLPerf, released the latest numbers on Wednesday regarding the … Read more

Opening of two Nvidia centers dedicated to autonomous driving in Israel

Opening of two Nvidia centers dedicated to autonomous driving in

US gaming and computer graphics giant Nvidia has bolstered its R&D capabilities in Israel by establishing two engineering units to develop software and hardware solutions for Nvidia’s autonomous driving programs. According to information (in Hebrew) published Monday in the economic daily of Ha’aretz “The Marker,” Nvidia has set up a team to implement a system-on-chip … Read more

Nvidia investigates the overheating of the RTX 4090, Samsung unveils the list of smartphones running Android 13, this is the recap

Nvidia investigates the overheating of the RTX 4090 Samsung unveils

Nvidia opening an investigation into cases of overheating of the RTX 4090 adapter, Samsung revealing the list of smartphones and tablets that will run Android 13, Chrome and Edge extensions capable of stealing your data, this is the recap of the main news from Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Credits: Nvidia The news of this Tuesday, … Read more

Informatique embarquée : Nvidia livre sa feuille de route

Informatique embarquee Nvidia livre sa feuille de route

Après les cartes graphiques grand public et les accélérateurs pour data centers, Nvidia part à la conquête des équipements embarqués. Le constructeur a dévoilé lors de son récent événement GTC 2022 une nouvelle famille IGX de mini cartes mères, et annoncé une mise à jour de ses gammes Jetson et Drive, deux catégories de produits … Read more

Deloitte and NVIDIA strengthen their alliance to bring new services based on the NVIDIA AI and Omniverse platforms

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

NVIDIA and Deloitte announced on September 20 at GTC 2022 the expansion of their partnership to help enterprises develop, implement and deploy hybrid cloud solutions using NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA platforms. Omniverse Enterprise. Deloitte employees will be able to leverage these 2 platforms to help the company’s customers build and deploy a wide range of … Read more

RTX Remix: forget the GeForce RTX 4000, the real innovation from Nvidia is here

RTX Remix forget the GeForce RTX 4000 the real innovation

Nvidia unveiled its RTX Remix technology at the same time as the GeForce RTX 4000. A very promising tool that deserves a spotlight, in ray tracing of course. Nvidia unveiled this week with much noise its news GeForce RTX 4000 graphics cardsand they are not given. But, for several years, Nvidia has mobilized a lot … Read more