Internet scam: her travel dream turns into a nightmare, Anaïs is robbed of 1900 euros

Internet scam her travel dream turns into a nightmare Anais

By Benjamin Cheneviere Published on 13 Feb 22 at 19:39 The Journal of Vitre See my news Follow this media Anaïs Heuveline was the victim of a scam which cost her nearly 1900 euros ©Le Journal de Vitré HAS 22 years oldwe dream of traveladventure. Anaïs Heuveline already imagined UNITED STATES live an enriching experience … Read more

Transhumanism, augmented human: utopia or nightmare?

Transhumanism augmented human utopia or nightmare

Transhumanism discussed at UM6P UM6P Science Week: Are we ready for a transhumanist future? In the era of transhumanism, renowned scientists have spoken of the importance of the transhumanist ethic that will shape the post-human era. On the sidelines of the second edition of Science Week, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) has organizedthis Wednesday, … Read more

“Xinjiang Police Files” on the Uyghurs: Adrian Zenz, anthropologist and Beijing nightmare

The Xinjiang Police Files revelations about the crackdown on Uyghur Muslims in China, released by a media consortium on Tuesday, owe a lot to one man: Adrian Zenz. This German anthropologist has become, in recent years, one of the main targets of Chinese propaganda for his work on the living conditions of this ethnic group. … Read more