New Netflix in October 2022 – The series and films not to be missed

New Netflix in October 2022 The series and films

What program are waiting for you on Netflix in October 2022? This year, Halloween will be creepier than ever with a self-portrait of a serial killer, a horrific cabinet of curiosities and a teenager who can communicate with a dead man. Source: Netflix In October, you will have chills. Because of the cold that is … Read more

Netflix acquires a new video game studio, a former size of a mobile giant at the controls

Netflix acquires a new video game studio a former size

Game News Netflix acquires a new video game studio, a former size of a mobile giant at the controls Published on 09/26/2022 at 21:04 For a few months now, it’s been just series, movies and documentaries on Netflix. The SVOD giant does not hide its ambitions in terms of entertainment and indeed intends to carve … Read more

‘Mo’ on Netflix, the acclaimed social media series that speaks to Palestinians

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Published on : 09/16/2022 – 10:22 It is called MBit’s an eight-part mini-series on Netflix, and it’s the quasi-autobiographical account of Mohammed Amer – a Palestinian-American known in real life for his shows of stand up. In this series, he tells the story of a family of Palestinians, expelled from Kuwait during the first Gulf … Read more

Assassin’s Creed is back in force with five games and a Netflix series

Assassins Creed is back in force with five games and

Ubisoft made its E3 a few months late but not without a large wave of promising announcements. Last Saturday, Ubisoft finally presented its video game program for the months to years to come in a conference that will have been long overdue. Unfortunately for Yves Guillemot’s studio, size announcements have made the trunk a few … Read more

‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’: The Netflix series about the creator of a revenge porn site

The documentary series The Internet’s Most Hated Man, available on Netflix, chronicles the rise and fall of the creator of the revenge porn site A site and a man, Hunter Moore, who ruined the lives of many victims. Le “king of revenge porn”. That’s what he was called Hunter Moore, creator of the porn … Read more

Who is Hunter Moore, The Internet’s Most Hated Man on Netflix?

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After The Tinder Scammer or Don’t F**k With Cats: an overly viral killer, what is the documentary worth The most hated man on the internet available on Netflix since July 27? Who is Hunter Moore, the unscrupulous character behind a scandalous site of revenge porn (or “pornodisclosure”) during the 2010s? The documentary The Internet’s Most … Read more

Twitter, Netflix, Microsoft: these tech companies that lay off workers

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Since the beginning of the year, several tech giants have announced a slowdown in their recruitment, and even layoffs. End of the health crisis, war in Ukraine, inflation and the specter of an imminent recession in the United States. With an uncertain economic context, the tech giants fear for their growth prospects. The sector had … Read more

Netflix and the American giants crush French internet traffic

Netflix and the American giants crush French internet traffic

The years go by and look alike for Netflix, which alone consumes 20% of internet traffic in France. In total, 5 American content providers share more than half of internet traffic. Arcep has just posted its latest report on the state of the internet in France. The document of nearly 100 pages, available in PDF, … Read more

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is coming free to Steam & mobile via Netflix

Into the Breach Advanced Edition is coming free to Steam

Released in 2018 on Steam, Into the Breach turned out to be the second hit by indie studio Subset Games. Even though it didn’t achieve the huge popularity of its previous title, FTL: Faster than Light, it still scored, as it was voted Best Strategy Game of the Year 2018 at The Game Awards 2018 … Read more

Netflix Geeked Week: Resident Evil, Cyberpunk, One Piece, Sandman, games… geek culture in force

Netflix Geeked Week Resident Evil Cyberpunk One Piece Sandman games

Netflix organized its second Geeked Week this Wednesday. The opportunity to find out what will happen on the video streaming platform in the coming weeks. And in particular the anime adaptation of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game has unveiled its first images. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners // Source: CD PROJEKT RED Since Monday, June 6, it’s pop … Read more