Real estate: What are the prospecting trends for 2023? – MySweetimmo

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In 2022, the majority of real estate professionals agree that sales mandates are not coming in abundance. In addition, we were able to observe a tightening of the legislation reducing the scope of physical prospecting but also by telephone. However, the return to office is the sinews of war for professionals and this constant decline … Read more

“Vilogi, the mobile office for real estate professionals”, Samuel Essaka Ekedi – MySweetimmo

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My Sweet Immo set up its Mon Podcast Immo studio on November 8 and 9 at RENTAL lounge. Listen to the live interview of Samuel Essaka Ekedi, Development Director of Vilogipublisher of rental management and condominium management software for real estate professionals, at the microphone of Ariane Artinian. My Immo Podcast: What does Vilogi do? … Read more

New real estate: SeLoger offers an immersive real estate tour in the metaverse – MySweetimmo

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

Taking over the metaverse is meeting the needs of 63% of future buyers who hope for more digital innovations from real estate professionals for the next 5 years! And because it is often necessary to be imaginative when planning a purchase in the new, SeLoger offers a new experience of visit which goes beyond the … Read more

Internet & Condominium: How to anticipate the transition to the all-fiber network? – MySweetimmo

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Like several other countries, France has decided to close its copper network and switch to the fiber network in order to modernize. Fiber is gradually becoming the reference network for fixed Internet. France has 15.5 million fiber subscribers. This represents almost half (49%) of high and very high speed access. But concretely, why close the … Read more

“Why is artificial intelligence struggling to break into real estate?”, Benoit Galy – MySweetimmo

Benoit Galy, founder of Vizzit wonders about the reasons that hinder the use of artificial intelligence in real estate. Artificial intelligence, everyone talks about it, many claim to use it but in fact, few actually use it wisely… In the world of “Machine Learning”, to create a useful service for users, it is you have … Read more