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LAdresse – Pierre Patrimoine chooses Onoff Business to manage

By Mathieu Zamanian – CEO MyDataModels. Data, Data, Data. Data has been the true black gold of companies for the past ten years. Analyzing large amounts of data, i.e. Big Data, is now the specialty of many start-ups and tech giants. Precious and a source of growth, Small Data is less known than Big Data, … Read more

MyDataModels: AI for more accessible, faster and less expensive toxicological testing services

MyDataModels AI for more accessible faster and less expensive

MyDataModelsa specialist in predictive analysis based on AI and small data and based in Sophia-Antipolispartners with ImmunoSearch, a leader in molecular toxicology research for cosmetics and fragrances, to advance the use of in vitro testing on living tissue. The consortium also brings together the CNRS and Université Côte d’Azur and some of their common laboratories … Read more