Marl. Music: an electronic evening on Saturday

Marl Music an electronic evening on Saturday

By Writing Coulommiers Published on Jun 24 ’22 at 10:04 The Briard Country See my news Follow this media The organizers: from left to right Guillaume, Denis, Hugo, Raphaël, Constantin. (©LPB) A group of friends gathered within the association ” Electronic Sezanne » had the idea of ​​organizing a electronic party the Saturday, June 25, … Read more

Official launch of Ensemble Stars!! Music in English on iOS and Android today

Official launch of Ensemble Stars Music in English on iOS

Class in: Science and technologyTopic : New products and services NEW YORK, June 16, 2022 /CNW/ – Developer HappyElements is proud to announce that the English version of its game Ensemble Stars!!Music is now officially available on Android and iOS. As of June 16, 2022, players from CanadaUSA, UK, Australia and 10 other countries will … Read more

Cannes 2022 – Chloé Thévenin: “electronic music is a perpetual movement”

Cannes 2022 Chloe Thevenin electronic music is a perpetual

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival which has just ended, AlloCiné met several composers of film music to highlight their work. Meeting with Chloé Thévenin, DJ, and composer of La Montagne by Thomas Salvador. AlloCine Among the very many talents and personalities to have walked the Cannes red carpet this year, several composers … Read more

AI and Music: Soundcloud, music audio streaming platform, announces the acquisition of Musiio

AI for music is a subject that fascinates, we have also devoted a file to it in the last issue of ActuIA, currently on sale in digital and paper version, available on newsstands and by subscription ( SoundCloud, a music streaming platform, announced in early May that it had acquired Musiio, a music technology start-up … Read more

Music from the Apple ad Privacy with the Iphone 2022

Music from the Apple ad Privacy with the Iphone 2022

Apple is addressing iPhone privacy in a new ad campaign. The music in the pub is the song “Fantasy” by the artist Juan Garcia Esquivel. The Apple Privacy Awareness Campaign With over a billion usersIphone in the world, Apple is the most coveted brand of phones around the world. Its new-generation smartphones are enjoying dazzling … Read more

Vangelis: seven iconic pieces of music from the late Greek composer

Self-taught genius of the keyboard, composer passed through progressive rock, pioneer of electronic music, author of nearly thirty film soundtracks, Oscar winner, Vangelis died on May 17 at the age of 79, Athens announced on Thursday evening. Several of his compositions have achieved worldwide fame. Television and the world of advertising have drawn heavily from … Read more

Use This Hidden iOS Timer to Stop Your Music Once You’re Asleep

iOS has a native timer to stop playback automatically. Handy if you’re used to falling asleep to music. Some people rarely go to bed without listening to and/or watching something on their iPhone. Whether it’s music or any video content. The problem is, you have to make sure the video is long enough to last … Read more

Virtual world, music, circus, and dance for the show “carry me home” with Didier Stowe

LiViCi – Live and Virtual Circus It’s a whole new type of “cross-reality” entertainment as the Canadian company calls it: as we are used to presenting it to you in “Connected”: a single live event experienced simultaneously by spectators in person and a remote online audience attending through a livestream video and virtual world where … Read more

Apple imagines shells that change the interface of the iPhone for photography, music, video games…

Apple imagines shells that change the interface of the iPhone

Apple has filed a patent application relating to iPhone cases and docking stations; the brand would like to change the operation and the user interface of the iPhone according to usage. The iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Unsplash Howard Bouchevereau Apple regularly files patent applications for its innovations, such as those recently attesting that the … Read more

Internet, telephone, music packages… 5 tips to lower your…

1/ Telephone operators: assess your needs and identify unnecessary expenses Check what your real needs are: for the telephone, for example, you mainly use the landline and can you be content with 2 hours of monthly mobile calls, you will easily find packages at 2 or 3 €. For unlimited calls, but low internet data … Read more