Organic market gardeners fined 1500 euros per month because of their precarious habitat

VSa fine of fifty euros per day from 8 November. This is what Adrien Cano and his partner Marine Dunand incur if they do not evacuate the mobile home from the farm where they work. On August 8, the mayor of the town issued a formal notice under penalty, which strongly threatens their installation in … Read more

Without an internet connection for more than a month near Dinan, users ready to ‘freak out’

Without an internet connection for more than a month near

By Agnes Esteves-Dasilva Published on 2 Oct 22 at 19:22 The Little Blue See my news Follow this media In Pleslin Trigavou, the telephone cable may have been cut after the destruction of a nearby building, but why has it still not been repaired, more than a month later, depriving dozens of users? of internet? … Read more

Exceptional promotion at Bouygues Telecom: the Bbox Must offer at only €15.99 per month!

Exceptional promotion at Bouygues Telecom the Bbox Must offer at

Are you looking for a cheap internet subscription with the telephone and the TV ? At the beginning of autumn, Bouygues Telecomsuggest you make a maximum savings . How ? By jumping on the promo Bbox Must launched by the operator! Throughout the operation, this triple play formula sees its price drop to €15.99 per … Read more

Make crazy savings thanks to this selection of mobile plans at only €5 per month!

1663346354 Make crazy savings thanks to this selection of mobile plans

With today’s difficulties in obtaining more purchasing power than we know, it is essential to easily find the best deals on mobile plans from the moment. Of the cheap deals to stick with your mini budget, is that what you are looking for? To help you, we have reviewed four of the best super bargains … Read more

If your Wi-Fi costs more than €10 per month, change your internet box

If your Wi Fi costs more than E10 per month change

Bouygues Telecom is slashing the prices of its internet boxes for the start of the school year. The Bbox Fit and Bbox Must (triple-play) are the best choices on the market. Today, an internet box with fiber can quickly cost several tens of euros per month. If you take the annual bill, that represents hundreds … Read more

Without internet or landline for a month, 500 households in Indre-et-Loire exceeded by repair times

Without internet or landline for a month 500 households in

Almost a month ago, a theft of copper cables affected the 500 homes of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, in Indre-et-Loire. Exasperated, the inhabitants are exploring alternatives while waiting for a return to normal that has been postponed several times. “Hello, you are at the bakery… We are unavailable… Please call back later…“And yet, the bakery is open! If … Read more

Free, Bouygues Telecom or Prixtel… Our selection of packages without commitment for the month of September

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price. You will also be interested In this time of crisis, it is important to save money. And that can start with reducing your mobile bill. How ? By taking advantage of promotions offered by mobile operators and MVNOs. They … Read more