Save money by paying in cash… Advice from a Rouennaise for your purchasing power

Faced with inflation at +4.8% in April 2022, the explosion in the price of fuel and food, purchasing power has become the main concern of the French. Mother of two children, Angélique Daly has returned to the good old method of money envelopes. Its principle: pay everything in cash “because you don’t spend the same … Read more

3 software to manage your online subscriptions and save money – CNET France

Either it’s about netflix, Canal+ Where Amazon Prime Video for streaming, from Orange, SFR Where Bouygues Telecom for mobile or eveniCloud and Google Drive for your data, you certainly have several subscriptions that you pay for once a month. In order to have an overview of your expenses, these applications offer you to centralize all … Read more

Make money on the Internet: 3 reliable methods to get started online and make ends meet.. see how to live? – Mag Mirror

Make money on the Internet 3 reliable methods to get

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn There are many popular get-rich-quick and money-making ideas that always crop up. Do they work? Not really. Will you make money doing it? Perhaps. But you would probably make more money with your 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job. At least it’s a guaranteed salary. The truth is that there … Read more

Assurly: borrower insurance that saves you money

VSConvinced that this amendment would be the starting point for a new market, Toufik Gozim and Mickael Benhassen created Assurly, a borrower’s insurance at the cutting edge of technology! And with the Lemoine law effective from June 2022 which aims to further simplify access to borrower insurance, we can say that they had a good … Read more