How to configure guest mode to loan your Android smartphone without fear

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

How to enable and configure Android Guest Mode. Perfect when you lend your device from time to time. You may never have realized it, but your Android smartphone can handle multiple user accounts, like Windows or macOS, and while you probably won’t share your smartphone with many people today, the Guest mode can be useful … Read more

Le saviez-vous : les Freebox Pop, mini 4K et Delta permettent de réduire sa consommation d’électricité grâce à un mode

Le saviez vous les Freebox Pop mini 4K et Delta

Les players Pop et mini 4K disposent d’un mode de veille profonde. Celui-ci permet d’éteindre l’appareil, afin d’en réduire la consommation énergétique en cas d’inutilisation prolongée. Sur la Freebox Delta, un mode personnalisable est proposé. Diminuer les consommations d’énergie par des changements de modes de vie et des transformations sociales, la sobriété énergétique est aujourd’hui … Read more

There is a hack that unlocks 90Hz mode on the Pixel 6a (but we don’t recommend it)

There is a hack that unlocks 90Hz mode on the

The Pixel 6a could apparently support a 90Hz display according to some sources. A technique to force the smartphone to display a higher refresh rate has reportedly been developed, but would not work on all models at this time. The Google Pixel 6a screen // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid It used to be one … Read more

Quest Games Optimizer: v4.0.1 has just arrived with offline mode and new video capture profiles!

Quest Games Optimizer v401 has just arrived with offline mode

Version v4.0.1 has just been released after a short beta phase, accompanied by its share of corrections, but not only. At the same time, more than 270 games have been optimized since the birth of HQ ! You can find the app at this address. And for those who already have our tool … Read more

The iPhone 14 will never be contaminated: Apple launches a pioneering anti-spy mode

The iPhone 14 will never be contaminated Apple launches a

News hardware The iPhone 14 will never be contaminated: Apple launches a pioneering anti-spy mode Published on 07/07/2022 at 17:05 Recently the number of hacker attacks on various devices has increased sharply. Apple is also in the crosshairs of spyware, as evidenced by the Pegasus spyware which revealed strictly confidential information on behalf of private … Read more

“Lockdown Mode”, Apple’s ultimate weapon against cybercriminals attacking iPhones

What is the Pixel War unleashing the French Internet and

The image of the iPhone has lead in the wing. Promoted as the most secure smartphone in the world by Apple since its inception, it can no longer be described as inviolable. In recent years, the iPhone has been the subject of repeated successful attacks for the purpose of espionage against targeted personalities. Highly technical … Read more

iPhone: how “Lockdown mode” (iOS 16) will revolutionize mobile security

These 4 misconceptions about VPNs are totally

For a long time Apple was reluctant to do anything for iPhone security other than lock down their iOS operating system as much as possible. The problem is that in recent years companies and pirate groups have shown that it is still possible to infect iPhones with sophisticated malware. We can cite in particular Pegasus, … Read more