Dall-E, Midjourney… How we generated art using artificial intelligence

Dall E Midjourney… How we generated art using artificial intelligence

They have been blooming on the web for several months: with just a few words, artificial intelligences like Dall-E 2, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion create new images, each more impressive or strange than the next. A rapidly developing sector that also attracts tech giants. You wake up with a start from a strange dream that … Read more

Architecture: discover the skyscrapers of the future imagined by AI MidJourney – LeBigData.fr

Architecture discover the skyscrapers of the future imagined by AI

An architect used MidJourney artificial intelligence to imagine the skyscrapers of the future, designed from natural materials and capable of purifying the air. Discover in pictures the bluffing result… Facing climate change and the energy crisis, humanity must rethink big cities. New Delhi-based architect Manas Bhatia envisions a future where residential skyscrapers are covered in … Read more

MidJourney AI Wins Art Contest, Human Artists Rage

Apres les echecs et le go DeepMind fait jouer sa

A Colorado resident has won an art contest by submitting a painting generated by MidJourney artificial intelligence. His victory creates controversy, and triggers the anger of artists on social networks… should we let AI conquer the art world? In entering his first art contest, Jason M. Allen didn’t really think he had a chance to … Read more

MidJourney : tout savoir sur l’IA qui choque les artistes et transforme vos textes en dessins – LeBigData.fr

MidJourney tout savoir sur lIA qui choque les artistes

MidJourney est un outil d’intelligence artificielle qui génère des images à partir de textes. Toutefois, contrairement à Dall-E, cette IA n’a pas été entraînée à viser le réalisme, mais plutôt la beauté artistique. Le résultat est bluffant, et de nombreux artistes sont impressionnés. Découvrez tout ce que vous devez savoir. Depuis le mois de juin … Read more