Microsoft’s ‘Hybrid Loop’ Shows the Basics of AI-Powered Client/Cloud Computing

Microsofts Hybrid Loop Shows the Basics of AI Powered ClientCloud Computing

Foresight: The most intriguing idea to come out of Microsoft’s Build conference this year is a forward-looking concept the company calls the “Hybrid Loop,” which defines a set of hybrid applications that bridge the gap between the cloud and edge client devices. At a basic level, hybrid applications will be able to run both locally … Read more

(De)Toxigen and AdaTest, Microsoft’s new tools for more reliable language models

Large language models (LLM or large language model), in addition to being very energy-intensive, can reproduce the biases and stereotypes acquired during their training. Microsoft researchers have designed open source tools and datasets to test content moderation systems: (De)ToxiGen and AdaTest. These could lead to more reliable LLMs or models similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 that … Read more