[VIDEO] Strong earthquakes, a swarm near San Diego, a tsunami in Death Valley… When the earth shakes from California to Mexico, the fear of the “Big One” is reborn

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Seismic activity has been particularly intense from California to Mexico in recent days. This Thursday morning, a strong earthquake of 6.9 magnitude struck Mexico, in the state of Michoacan. Three days earlier, in the same region, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake had already shaken Mexico. Enough to wake up old demons in the country, especially since … Read more

A mysterious sphere falls on a tree in Mexico and arouses suspicion on the internet

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Since Sunday evening (31), residents of Veracruz, Mexico have been speculating about a strange object that fell on a tree located in Lomas Del Río Medio, a northern neighborhood of the city. The first report of the mysterious sphere was made by meteorologist Isidro Cano, on his Facebook page, quickly spreading on social networks and … Read more

Electronic cigarette: why thirty countries like Mexico prohibit its sale

Before to go on a trip, if you are a vaper, you will now have to check the legislation in force in your country of destination. This Tuesday, Mexico has just consolidated its place in the 32 countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes. The equivalent of … Read more

Mexico permanently bans electronic cigarettes

It is also now forbidden to smoke tobacco in the historic center of the capital Mexico City. Electronic cigarettes were permanently banned in Mexico on Tuesday, where tobacco smoking will also be banned in the historic center of the capital Mexico City. The “marketing” and “circulation” of e-cigarettes have been banned by decree of the … Read more