Metaverse for children: How does it impact their universe?

Metaverse for children How does it impact their universe.webp

After the metaverse for all comes the metaverse for children which does not lack advantages as well as disadvantages. Some companies are starting to position themselves as providers of the best virtual realities for children. Certainly, their initiatives are commendable, but we are not unaware that this universe also has its share of dangers. Raising … Read more

Tourism and metaverse: towards a generalization of virtual travel?

Tourism is a sector that evolves largely according to information and communication technologies, so it is quite relevant to question the way in which it could integrate this virtual universe. And it is since the announcement of the creation of the Meta group by Mark Zuckerberg that this term has spread massively in the world. … Read more

Metaverse: Not just “entertainment”, says Naoki Yoshida, the magician of Final Fantasy XIV

Metaverse Not just entertainment says Naoki Yoshida the magician of

Interviewed by Weekly Bunshun, Naoki Yoshida, producer of FFXIV, spoke extensively about the success of the MMORPG. An opportunity also for him to come back to the comments comparing the metaverse to Final Fantasy XIV. He specified that the two have nothing similar. Besides, the metaverse is not a form of entertainment in itself. To … Read more

“Cryptos, NFTs, Metaverse… The Historical Deception That Is Computing”. The chronicle of Eric Le Boucher

Computing, the greatest invention of our time, it is said, never ceases to disappoint. We will see that this is not completely true and that we must understand why. But let’s start with the obvious disappointment. Information technology is generally disappointing: economists are desperate to see that its diffusion has coincided for half a century … Read more

US Army Metaverse: Construction underway?

US Army Metaverse Construction underway

By changing its name to Meta, Facebook started the race for the metaverse. Financial institutions and technology companies are sparing no effort to conquer virtual reality. Not wanting to miss the train, the Pentagon is working on the metaverse of the US Army. Earlier this month we talked about Spaceverse, a variation of the metaverse … Read more

What are you going to do in the Metaverse this week?

What are you going to do in the Metaverse this

Decentraland hosts dozens of community-organized events happening every day like the 1st NFT Movie Festival in Cannes! Every day, interest in the metaverse and NFTs increases dramatically. More and more people are becoming aware of the potential presented by the projects blockchain, which serve as a link between the virtual and real worlds. Even though … Read more

Metaverse: even Carrefour is doing it to pass job interviews

Metaverse even Carrefour is doing it to pass job interviews

News hardware Metaverse: even Carrefour is doing it to pass job interviews Published on 20/05/2022 at 10:58 The news surprised us all. It is through a video posted on Twitter that the CEO of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard, told us about his new way of conducting job interviews. But then, what do we find in this … Read more

Bitcoin, metaverse, esport: the PortAventura World park is working hard on digital

Bitcoin metaverse esport the PortAventura World park is working hard

@PORTAVENTURA ENTERTAINMENT, SAU Since the arrival of its new General Manager, David Garcia, PortAventura World has decided to review its digital strategy. Payment in bitcoins, augmented reality, metaverse, esport, new mobile application, the park is increasing its experiments in order to attract new customers. Arrived two and a half years ago at the head of … Read more