Meta will limit its investments in virtual and augmented reality

The financial results for the first quarter of 2022 have fallen. For Meta, they caused a (slight) change of course, with a drop in investment in virtual and augmented reality, which weighed down the group’s accounts. Also attacked on its business model (online advertising), Mark Zuckerberg’s group is more than ever at a crossroads. But … Read more

Meta Quest: Messenger and end-to-end encryption arrive

Meta Quest Messenger and end to end encryption arrive

Meta announced on May 16 the arrival of the update for its virtual reality (VR) headset Meta Quest. This adds many features ranging from individual protection of applications to end-to-end encryption of its Messenger messaging, through the introduction of secure payments. Meta improves the experience of its VR headset Among the novelties, the parent company … Read more

Meta Quest updates: app locking, encryption on Messenger, secure payments

Meta Quest updates app locking encryption on Messenger secure payments

Meta Quest benefits from a big update, with the program: improved application locking, secure payments, audio accessibility, new keyboards, but also encryption of Messenger conversations. End-to-end encryption on Messenger is available on Meta Quest // Source: Meta The interface of virtual reality headsets Meta Quest’s Meta benefits from a big update with several new features: … Read more

Four new virtual reality headsets for Meta by 2024

Meta’s schedule seems busy. Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which recently changed its name to Meta to reflect its metaverse-focused strategy, plans to release four new VR headsets by 2024, according to The Information. A resolutely aggressive schedule that matches Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to disseminate his vision of virtual reality. A line of high-end helmets The first … Read more

Meta plans budget cuts in its virtual reality and metaverse division

Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, told Reality Labs staff that changes would be announced within a week. The American giant is preparing a small austerity cure… Meta reviews its financial copy for Reality Labs. Indeed, the Menlo Park firm is preparing budget cuts for its division dedicated to virtual reality and the metaverse, according … Read more

Meta Platforms (FB) stock review – Daily news & Stock market analysis, should you buy FB stock at the current price? – Mag Mirror

Meta Platforms FB stock review – Daily news Stock

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Today’s news from Meta as of 05/11/2022: The Meta Retail Store, a physical store dedicated to the metaverse of the META group, has opened officially Monday, May 9 in Burlingame, Calif. It will be used to promote virtual reality through several Meta products, affirming the position of the parent company … Read more

Meta (Facebook) opens its first store: Consumer VR headsets and Metavers is slowly but surely coming to fruition! – Mag Mirror

Meta Facebook opens its first store Consumer VR headsets and

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Many teenagers own virtual reality headsets, but have they started using them like smartphones? For now, the answer is no. A quarter (26%) of teens say they own a virtual reality headset, a higher level of VR device ownership than expected, but with only 5% of teens saying they use … Read more

Meta Quest 2: how to take full advantage of your VR headset?

Getting into VR can be a confusing experience, so here are some tips to improve your experience with a Meta Quest 2. Formerly called Oculus Quest 2the autonomous VR headset from Facebook now bears the sweet name of Meta Quest 2 from the rebranding of Mark Zuckerberg’s group. However, it’s not just his name that … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg’s Stations of the Cross for the future of Meta in virtual reality

1650430350 Mark Zuckerbergs Stations of the Cross for the future of

Before living in the metaverse, users will need the devices to do so. In a survey published on April 13, The Verge reveals all the difficulties and challenges faced by the teams of Meta to develop them, under the close supervision of ” the eye of Sauron “Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg wants to bury smartphones … Read more