In northern Nigeria, criticizing policies on social media can lead to jail

In northern Nigeria criticizing policies on social media can lead

Mubarak Muhammad, aka Unique Pikin, sets up his phone to shoot a video in the courtyard of his house in the city of Kano, as his two brothers look on, in December 2022. LIZA FABBIAN An air of pop music rises from the small courtyard hidden at the end of an alley in Gwale, a … Read more

Identités et métavers – AOC media

1673469006 Identites et metavers AOC media

Identités et métavers Par David Berliner L’époque témoigne d’une oscillation entre des représentations d’un soi unitaire et, en d’autres contextes, hétérogène, ce dernier ne m’empêchant aucunement de me reconnaître, moi David Berliner, le matin dans la réflexion de mon miroir. À cet égard, les mondes ludiques et fictionnels, et désormais les espaces digitaux, tel le … Read more

Vortex VR: we tested the virtual reality experience of the series | VL Media

Vortex VR we tested the virtual reality experience of the

While the Vortex series is a hit on France 2, a VR experience is available and an operation has even been carried out IRL in Paris. We were there ! What is Vortex? 27 years ago, Ludovic, police captain in Brest, lost his wife Mélanie in an accident. By revisiting a crime scene reconstructed in … Read more

Who is behind the demonstration against “collaborative media”, planned in front of the premises of “Le Monde”?

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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase Made up of insurrectionary yellow vests, the collective “Vigi Médias” hopes to gather thousands of people in front of the daily’s premises on Saturday January 7. Its previous marches had only a handful of protesters. A demonstration planned for Saturday January 7 in Paris has aroused interest but also fear … Read more

Social media use impacts teen brains, study finds

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This study is one of the first to investigate changes in brain function correlated with social media use in young adolescents, over a period of years. BRAIN – ” The teenagers who grow up consulting the most social networks become hypersensitive to feedback from their peers. » This is one of the conclusions of the … Read more

The neural networks that underpin social media can consume an infinite amount of energy – Enerzine

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Artificial neural networks are being deployed extensively by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to recommend content that matches user preferences. This process is energy-intensive and generates significant carbon emissions. In fact, the entire global energy supply could be used to train a single neural network. That’s why the researchers behind a new study … Read more

2023 will be the year of social media regulation, congressmen promise

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Will 2023 mark the end of digital liberalism on social networks in the United States? Several members of the US Congress are advocating for stricter regulation of online platforms. Republicans and Democrats hope to be able to pass one or more laws aimed at limiting the power of the Internet giants. Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher … Read more

Le Métavers : réalisation ou trahison du rêve néoréactionnaire ? – AOC media

Le Metavers realisation ou trahison du reve neoreactionnaire

Le Métavers : réalisation ou trahison du rêve néoréactionnaire ? Par Anna Longo Meta, société mère de Facebook, a l’ambition de créer le premier métavers : un univers virtuel technologiquement optimisé, adéquat aux besoins, aux souhaits et à l’épanouissement du plus grand nombre. On aurait raison de rechercher dans la science-fiction l’anticipation de scénarios dystopiques … Read more

Video games, an exceptional graphic evolution | VL Media

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

Video game graphics have undergone an extraordinary evolution in recent years. We note a real progression going from the simple pixel to the virtual reality, without forgetting the passage to the 3D. Focus on the important stages of this evolution. The first video games We still remember those weekends spent in front of LCD screens … Read more

How social media is used to investigate international crimes

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

The aggression of Ukraine by Russia since February 24, 2022 illustrates once again the importance that new technologies have taken on in the investigation of international crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide and the crime of aggression). In addition to satellite images, the use of which has been renewed thanks to a … Read more